Avast researchers have discovered 204 popular applications available in app stores and google play store that are actually fleeceware. Overall these apps have exceeded the billion downloads, so they are really used, and they have earned a total of more than $400 million! Before proceeding with the article, you have to explain what fleeceware are.

So all those apps that are halfway between being a scam and a real app are defined. Not to mention all those applications that you accept the free trial period but which you realize is not an app to your expectations, so you delete it but this will not stop the subscription. One of the best strategies used by those who create fleeceware is to orientate themselves to the younger ones or to the over 60.

According to avast both apple and google should change approach to subscriptions. If a user downloads an app that includes a free trial period, as soon as it finishes, a notification should arrive to request the user if he wants to pay the subscription or stop using it. In our opinion, it would be enough to offer a clearer screen.

We think that you could change the graphics of this screen, showing a little wider and clearer (or formed by two steps,) maybe with an ON/OFF switch at the subscription after the trial period. In this way, the user may choose to download an app with the “subscription” button disabled, and use only the free trial, or with the active “subscription” button that guarantees an automatic renewal. All this would allow us to gain greater awareness than the usual screen that also appears in the App store when we try to download a free app.

The only fact of finding the same graphics makes the user less careful about what is written inside.