Among the various products discounted by the company there are various echo and also fire tv 4k and fire tv cube. Strangely missing the standard fire tv call and today we discovered the reason. Amazon has in fact launched the new fire tv stick 2021: The same from an aesthetic point of view but updated in the hardware, in addition, we find a new remote control with 6 additional buttons.

The new fire tv can be preordered from now to 39.99€ and will arrive on 14 April. Amazon also, starting today launches the new interface for the fire tv that will be default on the new model while for the previous ones will arrive by the end of the year. The new interface is the biggest update ever developed so far comments a amazon spokesman.

All the details on the interface are found on this dedicated page including a video. Fire tv stick model 2021 39,99€ view offerIt is also possible to buy only the new remote control to match the previous fire tv.