According to the economic times, however, the social would have entered into friction with the Indian government, which would have asked to have a full traceability of all messages sent on the social . At that time, in fact, the approval of a law that in official intentions wants to strengthen the security of citizens on the internet, and prescribes to every social platform that has a number of active users (india) exceeding 5 million to be able to track all messages sent, thus allowing the authorities to be able to trace back to users. whatsapp and privacy: A particularly debated topic in recent months, after the social media has communicated the change of their policies, generating a poveron at an international level.

India, even, to repair image damage and reassure users, in mid-January a massive campaign on the major national newspapers started to specify that “whatsapp respects and protects your privacy. ” And the reasons are also material: whatsapp said that its privacy policy is inviolable, and added that technically it is not possible to allocate the necessary resources to track millions of messages sent per minute, as it turns out unrealistic the hypothesis of storing this boundless amount of messages on servers for a long time.