The ancient gods part two is the perfect conclusion of what is probably the most successful project born of id software from the times of quake ii arena, or down of there. As for the part one, the ancient gods part two in concrete consists of three levels, also in this case beautiful wide and inexplicable design, more a quarter that however is “only” the fight with the final boss. Few secrets to discover, except the obvious added life or ammunition for bfg.

Demons always MORE agguerrioFortunately, there is not that there is all this time to cheer: fighting is even more crowded, chaotic and outrageous than those of the first part, which already represented a remarkable step forward than the standard game. The great value of the gameplay is that it never takes time to become too repetitive: id centellina wisely all the novelties, as opponents and the new special weapon, so as to give the right player the time to assimilate them and then add another one. The whole system pushes the player to refine the technique of rapid weapon change, and to find the best synergies to maximize damage and reduce loading times.

In other words: relying on the central wheel of the mooe is no longer enough to dominate the higher levels of difficulty. Moreover, it is with the games of id software that were born techniques such as bunny hopping, strafe jumping and rock jumping. In short, the fight remains a real pleasure, and every novelty has a balanced degree of difficulty and originality.

The challenge is adequate: fighting is difficult but not impossible, it lasts enough but does not become boring, and the checkpoint system avoids starting from scratch in case of fatal error.