This processor is located between the 865 5g snapdragon and the 855 snapdragon which is just a little slower with regard to the maximum processor clock. Multi-core cpus for smartphones, exceptionally powerful and connectivity 5g and 4g lte, our Snapdragon 8 mobile processors are designed to support cutting-edge mobile performance. In a particular way the series 8, that equips the different tops of range,What processor has the new little f3, a snapdragon 860?

What has not yet presented it, what changes compared to others? This is probably the biggest leap forward in terms of performance seen in recent years by a generation of adreno to the other. At the top there is the snapdragon 888, an oata a little surprise from anycomm compared to the previous models, with these three 8 cina representing prosperity and fortune.

The snapdragon 888 was announced in December last year, and is the first of anycomm made with a 5nm production process that offers significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency compared to the 7nm process used starting with the 855 snapdragon . Another important novelty that we find in the snapdragon 888 is the 5g modem which, for the first time, is integrated into the soc and is no longer external as happened by the snapdragon 855 forward, which generally results in less efficient performance. Snapdragon 865, 865+ and 870: different twinsin recent years, qualcomm has begun to make versions plus of its subs, which in practice are quite similar but with a higher speed regarding the frequency of the processor.

It initially did with the snapdragon 855 and then with the snapdragon 865. at the beginning of the year also arrived the snapdragon 870 that, evidently, could not be called 865+ but that, in reality, it is. Built on the basis of the success of snapdragon 865 and 865 plus, the new snapdragon 870 is designed to meet the oem and mobile industry requirements.