Realme 8 pro is a perfect example of the new generation of medium-range with specifications that look up and really attractive prices. The ingredients are all there, let’s see how she took it during a long time of testing. Light, relatively compact, a little too much plastic: these are the three dominant sensations in the first minutes.

Translating into numbers we are on dimensions of 160,6 mm x 73,85 mm x 8,12 mm in a weight of 176 grams; polycarbonate on the edge and back cover. I don’t mind the optical group on a square with 4 symmetrical objectives all of the same size. On the front we find the display surrounded by a glossy frame to protect the glass, on which a good plastic film is pre-applied.

The hole for the front camera is located on the top left and the frames are mediumly thin, a clutch more often chin. Well, I have good news in this sense: there is and is of excellent quality. Display and multimedia the amoled display is of excellent quality and very bright, there was a leap forward compared to the predecessor.

Especially it is interesting to find out how realme decided to manage the software, leaving the user free to adjust different parameters. It is in fact possible to set the temperature of white and choose between 3 color profiles: brilliant (classic amoled very lit,) lively (space color DCI-P3, balanced and natural,) delicate (srgb.) Excellent therefore the overall experience with this screen, which will not be a 90/120 hz, but you redeem abundantly letting judge our eyes.

Completes the circle a single speaker placed down, equipped with a good volume even if not very deep, there is then always welcome audio jack port. When I wrote this review had not yet been unveiled the specifications of little x3 pro and little f3, they will also be uncomfortable customers. In reality, 8 pro behaves very well, it is always fast and responsive, without particular bugs and malfunctions.

After the realm family 7 also with this last model I found myself very well. Many brands are stubborn to propose this solution on the medium-low band but the results are almost never up to expectations. Realme ui 2.0 has a flavor of android stock but with many new functions dedicated to customization, some of which borrowed from the oxygen os of oneplus.

The aod mode is not missing, in which you can choose which elements to display and program activation only at certain times of the day. Many gestures especially well realized for navigation, gestures to scehrmo turned off, recognition of movements for the reactivation of the phone, answer, passage to headset, silent. Among the advanced features are the fully customizable screen recording and a useful sidebar to contain quick shortcuts to apps or functions.

In numerical terms we are on about 7 hours of active display, really nothing bad. Camerasrealme 8 pro is equipped with a good camera package, main from 108 mp, ultrawide, macro and monochrome. In particular, I dwelt on the 108 mp, without doubt the most interesting of the 4, with isocell hm2, the same of redmi note 10 pro.

Photos in good light conditions are very good. With the 108 mp mode the level of detail increases exponentially and allows you to get photos from the upper range, unfortunately also increases at the same time some chromatic aberration, again in correspondence of the most illuminated areas. I am looking for the fur in the egg, be clear but also on this price range the level is now high enough.

At night, surprises come, contrary to my expectations there is no decline and indeed, realme 8 pro manages precisely in the difficult conditions to emerge from the competition, thanks to a particularly effective night mode even with very little light. Donwload images original size selfies I didn’t like a lot, despite the good resolution the image quality leaves a little to desire, even recovering in good brightness conditions. You can want to make portraits with simulated bokeh effect and there are many effects of facial improvement.

Realme 8 pro can make fullhd videos at 30 and 60 fps or in 4k at 30 fps. The quality of the images is poor in fullhd despite a good stabilization, in 4k instead it rises considerably but it is necessary to partially renounce the stabilization. I saw an improvement compared to the realm line 7 but the work to do is still a lot.

A note on the google room, for some it is a more possibility for all smartphones to be able to improve performance. I have tried with some of the many variants but I have not found them working, but it is certainly only a matter of time. Realme is working egregiously in my opinion and on this 8 pro there are all the key points that the company is putting in the field to conquer its slice of cake.

The official price list is 279 euros in the variant 6/128GB and 299 euros for the 8/128GB. In promo of launch the prices will be of 259 euros and 279 euros respectively, exclusively on from today until 30 March.