The headboard says he saw some images of the device, but he can’t share them. For the development of these “Joy-Con”, qualcomm would have partnered with an unspecified industry leader. Being much thicker than a normal smartphone, the console should ensure more space for heat dissipation, thus allowing the soc to work faster.

Such as the switch, the Qualcomm console will include a video ocita for connection to external televisions and monitors; it is not clear if there will be a dedicated mini hdmi or if you will do everything through the USB-C already present for charging. The operating system will be android 12 with a customized launcher, and will include all google services such as play service, play store, youtube, chrome, gmail and so on. Qualcomm also aims to offer out-of-the-box support to the epic games store (which is currently not available as an Android app, but obviously the launch is expected in reasonably short times).

The console should be launched in the first quarter of 2022: It is therefore legitimate to assume that his brain has not yet been presented. The console should be sold directly by anycomm, but hopes to involve American operators. Asked for a statement, Qualcomm responded that for internal policy never comment on indiscretions.

Of course it is right to state that, as with all the products being developed, the project could be deleted or modified substantially in progress.