Magnus and his team on board the good kinloch oil platform are stationed off the Scottish coast in the dangerous waters of the sea of the north. When finally the time comes to return to the mainland, a mysterious and impenetrable fog falls. The platform is hit by strong shocks and they suddenly find themselves without the possibility to communicate with the coast and the outside world.

While the team tries to find out what is causing these unexplained shocks, a serious accident leads them to wonder who they can really trust. The bonds of a time are less and new alliances are formed while all the generational fractures come afloat. Amazon first video revealed the cast of the new amazon original production of British origin and titled the rig, a thriller series that will develop in six episodes.

Owenn teale (game of thrones, a discovery of witches) is the head of the trivellators lars hutton. Richard pepple (bridgerton, cobra) is the head of the team grant dunlin and mark bonnar (guilt, quiz) is the deck foreman alwyn evans. Calvin demba (life, last christmas) interprets the drill hand baz roberts, emun elliott (guilt) is the mechanic of the leck longman platform.