Night city, we know now, it’s not an easy city to live in. Between particularly oppressive police, road pirates who do not get scruples to invest, and a density of glitch and bugs that exceeds that housing, you can not relax a moment. The launch of cyberpunk 2077 went wrong (not from the commercial point of view,) it has been enough time to be able to affirm it with tranquility: Now everything is to see how and if cd projekt will lift the fates of the world that has stood up.

But the impression is also that it can be a way to take time and keep the community good while the patch, in fact, does not come. Cd projekt promises less aggressive and more realistic behavior of police forces, which should give the impression of evaluating the situation at first instead besieging us as by magic and immediately the protagonist. Moreover, this parameter also suffered a code-level breakdown with the lowest frame rate: early instead should be consistent already from the 20 fps.

Change the slaves: the slave performed twice pressing a motion command can be disabled in the command settings. The slaves can still be executed by pressing twice the lowered command (yes/no), assigned by default to the c key of the keyboard. Channel twitch and community hdblogthe speech continues on our twitch channel, where we explore the themes related to the video world together with our growing community, very active also on facebook.

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