Cloud cloud cloud battery battery batteryfree download from app storeamong the widgets integrated by apple on ios 14 we find a dedicated to the battery of all devices connected to the main one. This widget in fact, allows us to see the battery percentage of our iphone, our apple watch and airpods. On ipad also shows us the percentage of the apple pencil, in short all bluetooth devices connected to that device.

Starting from this idea and raising it to the maximum power the application we speak about today. It is called cloud and it is really very useful, especially if you have many Apple devices. As clearly visible from the name, cloud battery is a universal project that embraces the entire apple ecosystem.

The application can be installed on iphone, ipad, apple watch and mac and can show on one device the battery status of all others! To work properly, you will need to install the application on all devices you want to monitor. The battery percentage will then be transmitted to icloud and updated on all devices.

Repeat the process also on other iPhones, ipads, Apple watch and even on desktop Macs. Even if these computers are powered by the cable and therefore will not return any value relative to the battery percentage, they will be able to track the level of the keyboard and the bluetooth mooe connected to it. You can choose to sort the list in various ways, but the most useful is definitely to put the most download devices up.

Let’s rechiamo in settings and display the default style of the widget that we can customize in the functions. For example, we can decide whether to show the device name, the percentage and so on through buttons. The payment however is not mandatory and also the design of the free widget is pretty cute.