The headphones have become an almost necessary accessory; Everyone or almost own a pair, whether flush, over-ear, in-ear or true wireless. It knows well apple that has put on the market for a few weeks the new airpods pro, model that is added to the previous generation that remains therefore in its place. The first time you see this technology in the apple house and an extra reason to ask for a greater outburst to those who want to take home these headphones.

I usually find these very comfortable gommini, I’m sorry only that the cupertino house did not include foam alternatives as it did sony with direct competitors WF-1000XM3. Sin, it is perhaps a detail but this material is certainly more sophisticated and comfortable, able to adapt even better to the ear canal where you go to insert. The design has changed a lot in this generation and in the best: personally I have never loved airpods and find this pro model more discreet, balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

Each headset weighs 5.4 g and is 30.9 mm long, against the 40.5 mm of an airpods, a centimeter less that makes the difference if inserted in such a particular context. You can keep your ear without bother even for a few hours, in fact I did not find particular excessive pressures and instead I used them comfortably for different time listening to music. Precise controls but the force touch is a little uncomfortableWe must always pass an initial period before reaching conclusions, we must inevitably get used to certain movements and controls.

I think I am ready to express my disappointment at the integration of the only touch force for the interaction: no tap or touch, you have to literally squeeze the little shrimp. I think of competition, the galaxy buds and the WF-1000XM3 sony that have now reached a great sensitivity and allow a rapid interaction, rather precise even when we are on the move. Imagine, for example, running with airpods pro and wanting to change track, it will take two short pressures on one of the legs to impart the order and the possibility that you move the headset is very high.

I am therefore sorry that they have not thought of maintaining a touch surface in addition. Noise cancellation and environment make the differenceFinally approda also in the apple house the cancellation of the background noise, available still in a few true wireless headphones and always appreciated solution. The presence of the gommini island from the outside by definition, but the microphones present on airpods pro capture the external sounds and reproduce them at low volume, without any lag, so that our brain believes to listen to noise or natural voices.

You have to try to understand this feeling thoroughly. Android software and compatibilitywho buys airpods pro also does it for the ecosystem, useless then add that only on the products of the apple you have the maximum software integration, although this does not necessarily cut out who owns an android smartphone. Headphones that are not relegated to only pairing with a smartphone, both macbook and imac of new generation detect them in fact quickly and allow the connection.

On android it works all but it fails a dedicated application that offers the adjustments instead available on iphone, there is no support to a different virtual assistant. But the force touch works anyway and allows you to change track, pause/play and follow all the usual combinations. With prolonged pressure you can then switch from noise cancelling to transparency.

Note: Although the sound quality in the input is almost equal, the fact remains that the best smartphone to use the airpods is an iphone, because only the latter treat differently the aac format supported by the apple and oato headphones on itunes. On call remains one of the best solutionstrue wireless achilles heel always remains the same: ocita calls. Despite the difficulties apple has always managed to provide a great support for calls, with pleasant and medium clean audio, confirmed also at this lap.

I did not find particular differences between the new and the old generation, even comparing audio recordings made in call with the two pairs of headphones. Even more interesting instead the comparison made with the direct competition cited in this review, do not miss therefore ?t=452″> the video at min 7:31 which sees in call own airpods pro, galaxy buds and sony WH-1000XM3. I advance that the latter are the best thanks to a more full-bodied, warm sound, boasting bass that on airpods pro are almost entirely missing.

The apple solution is as said valid but it pushes a lot on medium and high, still gaining the second square. Autonomy and housesI don’t think there’s any need to despair if the declared autonomy is half an hour less than the previous airpods pro, already 4 hours and 30 minutes are so many and almost never spend so much time with headphones without pauses. In short, enough to never stay dry, with a lot of wireless charging and a small front led that helps us understand when charging is in place.

What I find difficult to digest is the lightning socket placed at the bottom, a choice in my opinion unhappy because of the opening that also apple has shown towards the ob Type-C. In short, many small ingredients that put together outline the profile of this product. I would never spend more than 200,000 for a couple of true wireless, beyond this threshold I would point in fact on a different category like over-ears, capable of much more audio quality for music listening and reduction of the higher noise.

But it is clear that then there changes everything, the force of the airpods pro (and similar) is to smell them and forget in short to have them on.