The luminance peaks are generated by simultaneously emitting light from all four sub-pixels (white, red, green and blue.) In this way you should get an increase in color volume (we explain what it is) . Sony did not provide specific information on the panels but the stated characteristics, along with the indiscretions reached by the cina , seem compatible with those of the oled evo of this illustrated article .

The prices of the tv oled master series sony a90j, presented at the ces 2021 , were published on the official website Italian. Sony speaks of xr contrast oled booster pro, a hat under which several solutions are grouped. On a90j also debuts the new cognitive processor xr, a processor based on artificial intelligence and direct evolution of x1 ultimate.

Audio is managed through acoustic surface audio technology: sounds are generated by actuators that create imperceptible vibrations on the screen. The exclusive master series is ambient optimisation light & colour, a function that leverages brightness sensors to optimize images according to light conditions in the environment. The smart tv platform is google tv with google assistant integrated, alexa, homekit, airplay 2, bluetooth and vocal research “hands-free”.

Two of the hdmi inputs are in version 2.1 (here our guide) and support ultra hd signals to 120 hz, allm, vrr and earc.