Although it is not a couple of new generation earphones, the smart jabra halo still represent one of the best solutions designed for those who want to do sports and do not want the cable to bother. After testing them for about ten days, especially in sports areas, we finally realized why to jogging it is preferable to have at the disposal of bluetooth headphones not completely wireless. Unboxingbefore we go into the use of smart halo jabras in the main areas, let’s see what’s inside the sales package.

Jabra doesn’t include anything we didn’t expect: the gommini to adapt the earphones to the various sizes of the pavilions, the ob cable for charging the same and the manual. Design, ergonomics and construction qualityinstead of wanting to amaze with design and aesthetics, the jabra halo smart go straight to the sodo ensuring a very high functionality for those who do not want to have the annoying cable that hangs in front continuously during sports activities. The smart halo jabra has a weight of 100 grams and dimensions of 18×4,5×16 cm, while the sensitivity of the speaker reaches 97 db.

The bluetooth version is 4.0 (although the transmission always takes place through bluetooth 2.1), with a range of action up to 10 meters. In the bow, as well as in the earphones themselves, they find space for magnets with which to improve ergonomics when not worn. Moreover, the magnets in the two earphones also serve as a play and pause key when they are hooked during audio play.

Sound quality and everyday useassuming that no pair of bluetooth earphones can hold comparison with cable earphones (see not too high bluetooth band larhezza requiring a compression of the audio file), the smart halo jabras play on the average, with a good presence of high but a low presence of bass. To accompany the jabra halo smart we find the jabra assist app, which offers the possibility to save the gps position of the earbuds (so as not to lose them ever) and get read any type of message including SMS, email, whatsapp, facebook messenger and also calendar notifications. Add that even in the phase of paring or in the phase of battery discharge, the headphones communicate only in English language.

For our tests we have recharged only at the beginning the smart jabra to 100% and, after 8 days listening to about 1 – 2 hours a day, we found ourselves with the percentage below 10%, so the declared autonomy is very similar to the real one. In fact, in the fully wireless models the battery is equipped in both earphones and, by force of things, its size cannot be very large. In this case, however, the entire bow can accommodate a very large battery that guarantees a very high autonomy.

What we didn’t likebut it is not all roses and flowers with the jabra halo smart. The main problem, which we imagine sharing all bluetooth headphones with this form factor, is the little practicality in transport when they are not at the neck. Another drawback with the jabra halo smart is the sound insulation for nothing perfect.

Also reading the paper manual, we couldn’t find the way to advance a track or go back. ConclusionsAfter trying and analyzing them thoroughly, we had a pretty good idea about the smart halo jabra. Available at the cost of 29.99 euros on amazon italia, you go to position in a fairly affordable market for all.