If you have to renew your subscription to whatsapp on android but you do not have a credit card we explain today how to pay whatsapp without credit card. The famous chat client in fact supports various payment methods, including paypal and google wallets that do not necessarily require a credit card. What you have to do is request the service that we can oate and fill in the payment request with the data of your google account.

After starting whatsapp and pressing the menu button, select the settings entry and go to account > payment info. If we choose google wallet to pay whatsapp without credit card we can decide to make the payment scale from the credit of our telephone operator(you should contact your operator’s customer service to know if it provides this service. ) An additional alternative method to pay whatsapp without credit card is to generate a url for payment and send it by email to your pc (or to that of a friend.)

Once the link from your pc you can pay through the methods offered.