A few hours ago we published the article on a study that 99% of users refuse tracking in applications responding negatively to the ATT pop-up (app tracking transparency.) It is important to understand what is happening also because the App tracking transparency will become mandatory within a few days (with the release of ios 14.5) and this famous pop-up you will see it appear at the first start of almost all app store applications. So I decided to write an in-depth study to give you a level of information adapted to the circumstance.

Applications that do not integrate active tracking functionsin most cases applications do not actively track users so when you give consent to ATT, do nothing but allow the app to interface with other companies to show more relevant and interesting advertisements. If the consent is denied instead, the application will certainly not disappear all the advertising, simply they will be more “brutte”. We make a much more practical and concrete example: Many applications are offered free of charge and developers can only repay their work thanks to advertising banner support.

In most cases, the latter come from the admob circuit of google. When the application shows that pop-up att, it is simply asking you to be able to use the data that google already owns on your account, to show you more interesting advertisements. When you deny this consent to the application, it is not that you are deleting every data on you from google servers.

Your profiling will not be altered in any way or to add information or remove it. What you are doing, therefore, is only to prevent the application from showing advertising based on your interests. Inserting active tracking systems within an application is rather complicated and in different cases you would notice navigation alone because ios would make other popups look like that for access to the web column, the other clipboard.

Small companies only seek a small compensation for the work done and would not even know how to use or to those who resell personal information, therefore active traces often and willingly are not there. Active traces are found within applications of larger, very well structured companies, those dealing with analysis, marketing and more. It comes that rejecting the tracking app “by party taken” on any application and without even reasoning is quite useless and the only effect will be a worsening of your use experience, displaying ugly and useless banners.

Blocking the google application tracking on ios in fact, it will not block the company to track you through the computer, browser, access to chrome, youtube, the android operating system and everything else. When you register for any google service or login, all you do will be tracked and an advertising profile will be built on your person. For all these reasons, do not feel 100% protected in your privacy when you click on “nega consent” to an app on your iPhone.

You will certainly have prevented the same from obtaining new information, i.e. Something that was not already known, but the new information is transmitted only by applications that integrate active tracking systems. Applications that integrate an active trackingwe change reference company, we move on facebook and its app for ios.

This is an app with active tracking and behind that popup att there is a whole world to understand. In this case, those who accept tracking, while using facebook on their iPhone will add more information to their advertising profile. On the contrary google does not sell this information to third parties, but uses it for itself through the circuits of adsense and admob.

ConclusionsNow that you know a little more, you will have understood that for many applications you can safely press “Consent” getting as the only “good” display of banners more relevant to your interests. No additional information on your account will be sent to googles or other companies, so your privacy remains perfectly unchanged. For other applications with active tracking instead, all you will run within the app itself will be used to increase the information about you and in this case then it may be more useful to click on “Call the app not to track“.

However, if you find yourself using the same service on other platforms or devices on ios you are “blocking”, then the tracking will happen anyway and your advertising profile will enrich you with new information. Nothing can be used to locate you physically or interact with you in real life.