It is such a simple and brilliant application that can be useful in different circumstances. There are hundreds of applications to install alternative keyboards on iphone. There are those with strange characters, those all colored, but I’ve never seen any like this.

When thinking about a keyboard, you think you have the various letters of the alphabet in the space available on the screen. This app did not think of letters, but of numbers. Is called calculatorkb and, as you can easily guess from the name, it will allow you to have a calculator inside any application.

With calculatorkb instead is all much faster: We change the keyboard and write the numbers right within the message itself. 20 codes for downloading the app for free to faster usersdevelopers have given us 20 redeem codes that will allow 20 users faster deployment to download the app for free. How do redeem codes redeem?

We will publish the 20 codes on the @sconomize telegram channel at 20:00 in point. You can join the channel or, if you don’t have telegrams, you can access the web.