Apple would be thinking of expanding its line of smart speaker products in a way similar to what they did google and amazon – in other words, equipping them with screens and camcorders. Unfortunately, the details are very poor: It is only known that development is underway, and that the launch is all but imminent. We are in such an early stage that it is also quite concrete the possibility that nothing is done.

In 2019, in fact, a real revolution took place in the team that had occupied until that time of homepod. Poor success in the smart home industry. It is true that apple did not seem particularly interested in developing this aspect, but it is what the market wants.

Many of the apple leaders fear that it is too late to have a significant impact in the industry. This is why, as we said, there are concrete possibilities that smart displays will not arrive. The source article is not particularly rich in precise details, especially from the point of view of cameras and displays.

Apparently it measures the temperature, and its positioning lets you intuit that it is directed to the surrounding environment more than within the device. It seems unlikely, but it cannot be ruled out entirely, that it is simply oato to monitor and possibly fade overheating of the cpu. The user could set other temperature-based automations, such as turning on a smart current socket to which a fan is connected.

It is important not to rely too much on this information: It would not be the first time Apple includes sensors and receivers in its products that are never activated. True is that, always in the ipod (models 2008,) bluetooth radio started to work only a year after the presentation, after a dedicated software update.