Are you in the market and currently finding it difficult to get a job? Or you are one of those the COVID-19 has led into a period of online everything? The job search engine is the right strategy for a new opening.  

Even though it is more important to focus on finding jobs that are related to your point of interest, a lot of sites out there are dedicated to offering you jobs in every area. 

But then, you may still be putting in a lot of effort and spending your time going through a lot of sites online, instead of getting ready for an interview. 

Every opportunity given to know how to search and navigate through job sites is an opportunity to manage time and get better results.  

Luckily, Findertown is the right free and nonprofit search portal for quick and easy access to any job around the UK. On that note, we will be sharing a few tips on how to make use of the job search engine.

#1. Begin With Job Aggregators

Job aggregators are one of the easiest ways to search online for a job. They make quick scans through different job sites that feature a good number of job postings gathered from other sites.

It creates search links that will automatically send job alerts directly to your mailbox. Findertown offers the same feature that allows you to register for job alerts. This way, you can be messaged via email for the job position that fits your request.  

The aggregator also saves time for every job search and directs you to the right location you wouldn’t have pinpointed with a local job board. 

#2. Use Your Mobile Phones

The moment you conclude on what site is good for you, ensure that you install the apps on your mobile phone or tablet. This will ease the job search and give you more time for productive work.  

Even while job hunting, you can decide to check out job search engine applications during times you may want to surf with your browsing connections.

When you finally find a new job, you may get back to your normal business.

#3. Create And Submit Resumes

Job seekers, as well as several recruiters use the job boards and visit resume databases to find available individuals and candidates. 

When you post your resume online, a job hiring manager could easily locate you and invite you for a job interview you were not expecting.

#4. Use Advanced Search Features

To review and apply for job postings is stressful and time consuming. Making use of advanced search features on job search sites is a great way to save time and be productive. 

On the job search engine, look out for sites that offer these advanced search features. Some have options on the menu you can select to find these search options. It may be easier than trying to find others.


These tips are great ways to help you make use of your time and effort productively, even while using job search engines. Try practicing with other search links, following the tips already stated, to identify which is best for you. 

Findertown remains your best job search engine plug. As soon as you have identified the right set of search links you can use, go ahead to set job search alerts.