Working in the online world allows us to explore all the possibilities technology offers. Word documents are electronic files very common in everyday work. But not all are aware of how to take full advantage of them. If you frequently use Word docs, you must learn how to convert the file to PDF.

There are many file converters available online. The problem lies in choosing the one that works faster, accurately, and securely. Comparing the different PDF conversion software is overwhelming. The good thing there is GogoPDF is deemed to be an excellent tool in the industry. Not all can invest in expensive PDF converter tools. Instead, look for a tool that offers smooth conversion of files to PDF format. 

Is It Necessary To Convert Word Document to PDF File?

MS Word has different versions. The font type you are using in your Word files may appear different from another MS Word version. Thus, converting the document to PDF is the best thing to do. It is possible by using a PDF converter that works not only for Word documents. There is an online converter for PowerPoint reports and Microsoft Excel Files. Using an online tool to convert Word to PDF free with no hassle. 

How Does GoGoPDF Work? 

GoGoPDF is a free PDF converter available online. You don’t need to spend a penny to use it, as long as you have an Internet connection. That’s why many people and students are using this free converter. The good thing about the GoGoPDF is it can also convert PDF files to Word files. It also delivers various useful services such as:

• PDF compressor–This service works on modifying the size of larger PDF files.

• PDF merge–You can use this feature for the efficient management of PDF files.

• PDF edit–This editing option works if you want to add images, drawings, page numbers, watermarks, and e-signatures. 

• PDF repair–To recover corrupted or unsaved PDF files, you can use the PDF repair feature.

• PDF encryption protocol–The 128-AES encryption feature of GoGoPDF is useful to protect your PDF files by using a complex password.

Microsoft Word has two formats, the Docx and Doc format. Nothing to bother with because MS Word programs support both formats. The difference is that Docx is the updated and more flexible version. It is also more compact than the doc format. 

If you are using modern computer systems or devices with updated programs, the Docx format is the best option. It is more convenient to save, read, and share because it requires less storage. 

Is It Helpful to Use the Docx Format?

The best thing about using the Docx format is that the PDF converter can easily format the files. Thus, avoids encountering formatting issues, especially if the recipient uses the older version of MS word programs. The GoGoPDF converter can edit and adjust the image positioning, indentations, spacing, and font style to minimize unnecessary drawbacks. 

Quick Guide To Convert Word Doc to PDF Files

If you want an accurate, easy, and speedy process of converting Word doc to PDF files, GoGoPDF is the best option. This online converter works on both the old and new versions of Word programs. It takes a minute to complete the conversion process. That’s why it does not require to be techy to use this online converter. All you need is to connect to the Internet. 

Here’s a quick guide:

• In the web browser, browse the main page of the GoGoPDF. Hit the button “Word to PDF”.

• Upload the Word file either manually or drag-and-drop method to the converter.

• After uploading, a loading meter will appear as the process is ongoing.

• Once finished, you can save the converted PDF file or copy the URL and transfer it online.

Using this online converter can transform and import any document quickly. The internet capacity and storage capacity affect the performance of the converter. But it won’t affect the results. 

Is It Possible to Convert the PDF File to Word Format?

As mentioned above, the GoGoPDF online converter has other functions. You can convert the PDF files back to their Word format or other MS Office files. The process is the same with converting Word file to PDF, and the uploading process as well.

Other Features of GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF is not only good in converting Word files to PDF, you can also use this tool to convert PDF to PNG. It will ease your worries in case you need to integrate a PDF file in a picture or trademark. This online converter can yield a high-quality PNG.

It’s simple to use the tool. All you have to do is follow the instructions. It will scan the PDF file and extract it. After completing the process, download the file in PNG format. 

Final Thought

Using MS word is ideal when creating compositions. But most professionals prefer using the PDF format when sharing files. You can also use this online tool to convert JPG to PDF or PPT to PDF. It is convenient to use an online converter, especially when working with digital files. You can use it with any device as long as there is an Internet connection. 

With GoGoPDF online converter, you can ensure keeping the files protected and safe. It’s because this PDF converter has an encrypted link and follows quality compliance. It also provides reliable output by converting the files.

If you find the free version useful, why not subscribe for more advantages?