If you’ve ever had the need to turn your Microsoft Powerpoint file and the slides in it to PDF, then you’d find this tool useful. You no longer have to improvise upon turning your Powerpoint files into PDF. You can simply upload the PPT file into this online converter, and it’ll immediately convert it into PDF for you. It’s 100% possible with PDFBear’s PPT to PDF converter!

Using a PPT file to share with your classmates, workmates, and others can be troublesome. There’s always the chance that the person at the receiving end uses a system that does not read Microsoft Powerpoint files. In turn, the best solution to this dilemma is to convert the PPT file into PDF. Here’s how you can convert your PPT file to PDF through PDFBear:

How To Convert PPT to PDF Online:

There are many difficult processes online, but this PPT to PDF conversion from PDFBear is certainly not one of them. PDFBear’s process for converting Powerpoint files and slides into PDF is one you can smoothly perform and go through. You’ll simply need to follow a straightforward and quick four-step process in converting your PPT files to PDF.

You can start to convert PPT to PDF free and effortlessly by first uploading a Powerpoint file into the converter box. You can always upload any file as long as it’s a Microsoft Powerpoint format. After uploading, you’ll be able to see a process-bar that pops up, which indicates the conversion progress. 

Once you’ve uploaded the Powerpoint file that you want or need to turn into PDF, you can always choose to modify it. You can do so using the available options below the converter. Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, you can easily download and save the new PDF instantly to the device that you’re using!

User-Friendly PPT to PDF Tool

Using and manipulating this online PPT to PDF tool is something that you shouldn’t worry about. This PPT to PDF converter is one that even newbies can use. If this is your first time converting Powerpoint files into PDF, then you’d have no problems doing so using this converter tool. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and it doesn’t have a complicated user interface!

As you can see, it only takes four easy steps to follow in converting your PPT files into PDF. Accordingly, it’s a four-step conversion that you can go through and finish using just a few clicks! Without a doubt, this online PDF converter plays a part in this effortless PPT to PDF conversion. It does all the work needed in converting Powerpoint to PDF, so you don’t have to!

It comes with settings that are pre-equipped for an accurate and high-quality online conversion. In turn, it’s incredibly effortless as the only input you’ll need to make is uploading the PPT file. Once you give this PPT to PDF converter something to work with, you can just sit back and relax while PDFBear handles all the work needed to convert the file into PDF.

Quick & Easy PPT or PPTX to PDF

PDFBear made sure that this PDF converter is flexible enough to handle all Powerpoint formats. PDFBear knows that there’s a chance that you’d also have a PPTX file in your possession. If the need to convert that PPTX file into PDF ever arises, you can always lean on PDFBear for the job. 

This PDFBear converter will effectively handle any PPT or PPTX conversions into PDF. In turn, there’s no need to rely on other online tools for essentially the same conversion process. PDFBear can skillfully convert both PPT and PPTX formats into a high-quality PDF file that you can use or modify. This process is free and accessible through PDFBear’s online platform!

Available Through All Platforms

PDFBear is one online tool that provides its services on all operating systems and platforms. In turn, users can convert any Powerpoint file into PDF through a Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Accordingly, the same PPT to PDF conversion will take place on all of these operating systems. It’s also going to be free to use regardless of which operating system you’re currently using. 

PDFBear offers and provides an online-based PPT to PDF converter. In turn, the operating system that you’re using won’t matter much. Even your processor, RAM, and GPU won’t play any role in this online PPT to PDF conversion. All you’ll need is a web browser!

You can use any web browser on your computer or your mobile phone. That’s right, PDFBear is available on mobile platforms! You can now start converting any PPT into PDF through any device that runs on iOS or Android!


PDFBear’s PPT to PDF converter checks all the boxes needed for a well-rounded and accurate PPT to PDF conversion. Without a doubt, converting Powerpoint files into PDF online has never been easier or quicker than this. With PDFBear, you’ll be able to convert any Powerpoint document into PDF within minutes accurately. You can do so without even paying a hefty price for such a useful online PPT to PDF conversion.