Every business has legal documents. It is one of the most important paperwork that many business owners handle. It can be a client contract or an internal memorandum disseminated to all your employees. Regardless, you have to make sure that you take care of these documents for the long term. While actual printed papers saved in filing cabinets are really efficient, it’s necessary to create a backup plan now that everything is becoming digital.

One of the best ways to preserve legal documents is to save it as PDF. You can easily convert Word to PDF using an online platform such as PDFBear. In that way, you will have a more permanent copy of your document that can be saved on your computer or any storage platforms. In this article, we will discuss the different benefits of using PDF for your legal documents. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  1. It’s a universally accepted format.

Many individuals are already using PDF for most of their documents. It’s not only for word documents; you can also convert other files such as spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, and even images. Thus, it’s accepted to the entire community if you will choose to file your documents using PDF. It will also be easier for you to share the documents with them.

  1. You can keep the contents of your document.

One of the challenges when sharing a word document file is the chance of editing its content. While MS Word is an ideal software for document processing, it’s a bit risky to share a raw file to other users. With PDF, you can be sure to keep the integrity of your document. You do not need to worry about other people editing or modifying the content of your file. 

  1. You can preserve the formatting of your document.

MS Word and other document processing software have different versions. Because of this, it also caters different features that may not be available to some. For instance, the formatting of an old MS Word may look different when it is opened to a new one. The same goes for the fonts that you will need to install on your computer. So, if you share your legal files with other people, the aesthetic may be different.

With PDF, you don’t need to worry about those things. Once you convert a word document to PDF, it will create an imaging finish of your file which will preserve its overall format. However you see it on your computer will be the same outcome once you convert it to PDF.

  1. Smaller file size for large documents.

If your document contains image attachments or even graphs and tables, there is a high chance that it will have a large size. Once you convert it to PDF, you will have a smaller file size so it will not eat up the storage on your computer. However, the online PDF tool will make sure that it will not sacrifice the quality of your document. With a smaller file size, you can easily send your legal documents to other users, even via email.

  1. It can be protected by a password.

Since legal documents are considered confidential files, you have to make sure that only authorized persons will have access to it. By converting it to PDF, you can secure your document by encrypting it with a password. Once a person opens the file, they will be prompted to input the password. If they don’t have a copy of it, they will not be able to read its contents.

  1. It is compatible with a lot of operating systems.

PDF files can be accessed not only on computers but also on mobile devices. So, if you need to review a legal document, you won’t need to turn on your computer. You can open the PDF file using your smartphone or your tablet. It will be more efficient and can save you a lot of time and effort. You can now check your files anytime, anywhere.

  1. The document can be interactive. 

A PDF file is used like an e-book. For legal documents, you can incorporate the hyperlinks of a webpage that contains research or other information. This can be a great reference link in case the reader would want to know more about what’s written in it. It will be more visually pleasing plus it’s very convenient.

  1. You can sign it without printing. 

The best thing about legal documents saved as PDF is that you can sign it without printing the file. By using a reliable PDF tool, you can easily affix your signature online. 

Convert Word to PDF with PDFBear

These are only a few of the many benefits when you choose to convert your legal documents to PDF. You can do more with PDF with the help of an all-in-one PDF tool. Make sure that the website is secure and accessible using any device. Check out PDFBear to know more about it!