In today’s digital world, the demand for online file converters increases by the day. As such, this demand brings in new online file converters into the market. As life becomes more fast-paced, these websites have to be speedy, convenient, accessible, and user-friendly.

With many individuals opting to use Microsoft Word for creating text documents, the need for websites offering conversion of files gets dire. One of the best websites for converting files to PDF is PDFBear and for a good reason. It provides a variety of services and ensures user privacy. With that, here’s how to convert Word files to PDF with PDFBear. 

Using PDFBear to Convert Files from Word to PDF

Though file conversion may seem like a draining and complicated task, PDFBear’s intuitive user interface and easy-to-understand instructions make converting files as easy as singing the ABCs. Through its user interface is streamlined and intuitive, some steps may still need some explanation. With that, here’s how to convert Word to PDF using PDFBear. 

Open PDFBear on Your Browser 

Turn on your device, open your browser, and type in ‘pdfbear’ and click on the first search result. Alternatively, you can also type in ‘’, and you will be redirected to its website. Once you have reached the site, skim the page for the ‘Word to PDF’ icon and click on it. This will redirect you to the Word to PDF conversion page. 

Upload Your Files

Once the Word to PDF conversion page is open, select your files. If you are on a computer or laptop, you can either drag and drop the files you want to convert to PDF or select which files you want to convert from your folders. Either way works, so once you’ve uploaded our files, the conversion process should start.  

Since mobile devices can also use Microsoft Word, if you’re on a phone or tablet, tap on the select file icon at the screen’s center. A pop-up should appear asking you where to choose your file from. Click on the app where your file is stored, and the conversion process will commence. 

After Conversion

PDFBear automatically starts converting your Word files to PDF, so all you have to do is wait a few moments. Once the conversion is finished, you have the option to download the PDF version, share it through a link, send it via email, or sign the PDF version. If you converted the wrong file, you could also start over. 

Once you’ve finished what you have to do and downloaded the PDF version of your Word file, you are now free to enjoy your newly converted document. Feel free to send it to others through email, or just keep it to yourself. 

Why Should You Use PDFBear?

If there are other websites you can use for conversion, why opt for PDFBear? First off, PDFBear offers a multitude of services– not just conversion of Word to PDF. This site also provides conversion of PowerPoint documents to PDF and the conversion of PDF to Word documents. 

All of these conversion services are free. However, your experience with PDFBear can be enhanced by purchasing the PRO version. But, even if you choose to stick to using this site for free, your experience will still feel premium due to the speedy conversion and the high quality of converted documents. 

PDFBear Ensures Privacy 

PDFBear keeps their client’s information private. All files uploaded are automatically deleted from their server an hour after being uploaded, ensuring that the contents of their user’s documents are kept confidential. This confidentiality is what makes PDFBear one of the best conversion websites. 

By deleting all files that have been uploaded an hour after being uploaded, not only does PDFBear protect the privacy of their clients, but also give hackers and others who wish to gain access to user information for malicious intent little time to extract the information of PDFBear’s clients. 

Its Best Features Aren’t Hidden Behind a Paywall

Though there is an option to support the website’s creators by availing the PRO membership, the best features of PDFBear are not locked behind a paywall. Users can still use the website’s conversion, optimizing, and organizing services without paying for the PRO membership, making it extremely friendly for those on a budget. 

But, if you want to stop seeing ads and be prioritized when you email PDFBear’s team about your concerns, you can pay for the PRO membership. This membership also grants you an unlimited number of OCR tasks, so if you use PDFBear daily, do consider getting this membership.  


Though there are many conversion websites available on the Internet, PDFBear is one of the best websites for you to use. Not only is the conversion quick and easy, but this website also respects the privacy of its users and has lots of services to offer. If you or anyone you know is in the hunt for an excellent Word to PDF converter online, PDFBear is the place to go.