Cheers to finally getting free of 2020 blues! The new year always brings us immense joy. The spirit of doing new things increases ten-folds with the arrival of the new year. With the new beginning, we started to adopt a new lifestyle in every aspect of our life. Then why should we keep our eyeglasses style old and bland? It’s time to upgrade our glasses to a new level! Glasses that give comfort, style and protection is just what you need by your side. You just have to look in the right places for them. In this article, we have brought some of the trendiest and comfortable Eyewear designs that will change your outlook for better. 

Below are some of the most-loved and trendy eyeglasses design that you’ll need to update a new wardrobe:

1. Stylish Clear eyeglasses

Clear eyeglasses are one of the most famous and most-preferred eyeglasses out there. At SmartBuy Collection, we offer a great collection of this style. True to its name, these clear and colourless eyeglasses give you an ultimate simple but elegant look. It goes with most of our clothing accessories or clothes for that matter. They are comfortable and protective gear, a perfect combination to have in an Eyewear. These are unisex, i.e. can be worn by both males and females. Clear and white plastic has captured the attention of many designers.

2. Thick Rimmed Geometric Frames

These glasses are suitable on any shape of the face as these are the mixture of square, round, hexagon etc. Comfortable and easy to handle design which is just what a daily eyeglasses user needs aside from being stylish. They are available in various sizes as well to choose from.

3. Bright and Translucent nude-coloured glasses

These glasses are quite similar to clear and white eyeglasses. The difference between the two is that the latter are clear coloured and transparent, whereas they are nude or skin-coloured and are translucent. Aside from that, a comfortable level is quite reasonable. These do not require high maintenance either. 

4. Oversized Square Glasses

Oversized square glasses give you both a stylish and formal look to sport out there. They make you look fashionable without so much as an effort from your side. Its thick and bold design makes it durable for a long time. The comfort level of these glasses is quite reliable. Whether you’re going for a formal or informal look, it works like a pro with both styles. These are unisex.

5. Cat eyeglasses

Cat-eye glasses are gaining popularity rapidly. The bold and stylish look it delivers is impeccable. You just can’t ignore it! Wearing them will make you both important and classy. Now, what else do you need?! These are not essentially unisex. These are ladies best friends from the day it came into existence. 

There are many more Eyewear designs in the market that you just can’t ignore or resist. SmartBuy Collection is a great place to go eyewear shopping. Finding a perfect design for your face and taste is essential. Comfort, low maintenance, easy to handle, and stylish but simple are some of the traits you need to consider before buying. Check out this guide and go for the one you think is suitable for you the most. It’s easy, and you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied with the outcome!