Anime Waifus will always be a major aspect of the anime culture, add gradually some of these anime girls are spreading their influence to the gaming culture as well, making them not just anime waifus but, “Anime Gamer Waifus”

And in this post, we have included 10 such anime Waifus who are into gaming, some of them are less known but some are already very popular.

Let’s see how many of them do you already know about

Well then, shall we begin?

10-Ako Tamaki

Picture 3

Anime: And you thought there is never a girl online?

A shy and awkward young girl, so much so, that even though she is a gorgeous beauty she still doesn’t stand out at school very much.

It’s like her silent persona makes her blend easily in the background.

Be that as it may, she is still a hardcore gamer to the point that she doesn’t even like to differ between what is reality and what is gaming.

That’s why, she would rather date people in online games than in real life, because to her normal people are all “normies,” aren’t they?

9- Mashiro Arisaka

Picture 5

Anime: Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

She is short, she is cute, she loves gaming, and she really respects Misaki Senpai.

Hear it from the person herself, “I really respect Misaki-senpai!”

She is a cheerful young girl who doesn’t shy away from expressing her feelings, she does feel reserved about her being a game Otaku though, but that’s also very cute. 

8-Sena Kashiwazaki

Picture 7

Anime: Haganai: I don’t have many friends

Life is tough when you are both wealthy and pretty but you still get disliked by your female peers, such is the daily life of this blonde girl.

She doesn’t have any female friends and she treats her male classmates as servants, and of course, not many of them have any objections…

But hey!

She really loves playing videos games! 

7- Kohiruimaki Karen

Picture 13

Anime: Gun Gale Online 

Now this girl is from a Sword Art Online Spin-Off “Gun Gale Online”

She is tall, gorgeous and likes to wear simple clothes. 

However, despite how charismatic she looks, she doesn’t really like her tall stature… So, she starts playing Gun Gale Online, and in this game her avatar is short and adorable.

6- Moriko Morioka

Picture 11

Anime: Recovery Of An MMO Junkie

Unlike the other Waifus on this list, Morika is actually a grown woman!

She studied her way through school, landed a job, and then 11 years later, she decided to quit her job and become a Shut-in gamer.

Now despite being an adult, she always requires heaps of energy, even for something as simple as just “talking”

5- Aoba Suzukaze

Picture 15

Anime: New Game!

This short and cute girl is a character designer for a company whose job is making new games. She is polite and enjoys her work.

She does have a very childlike side to her though, which she exposes whenever the conversation or mood or literally anything is remotely related to her favorite games.

Cute, earnest, and childish, yet also very talented!

4- Kuroyukihime 

Picture 17

Anime: Accel World

She is the most popular and most beautiful girl in her entire school, but that is not what she is about.

Her true talent lies in her ability to stay calm in almost every situation and use her intellectual abilities to dominate every opponent in a game called, “Accel world”

She is a very tough player to beat and that’s how she earned herself the title “Princess Black Snow”


When it comes to gaming she has an insane thirst for victory, and she also loves taking tea!

3- Karen Tendo 

Picture 19

Anime: Gamers

Another girl who happens to be the most popular girl in her entire school.

She is smart, she is charismatic and always likes to keep herself in a decent yet not too flashy attire. 

But if we take that out of the picture, she is just a hardcore gamer girl who goes mad when it comes to gaming, and if you are into gaming too, you bet she would come and recruit you for her gaming club.

Still though, when it comes to ordinary life, she is a proper, well reputed, and cute young girl, who also happens to be a hardcore gamer girl.

2- Umaru Doma 

Picture 21

Anime: Umaru Chan

Here’s another popular girl! 

But this one takes everything even further up a notch.

When she is at school, she is the textbook example of an Honor student… she gets good grades, she is beautiful, and has a wide range of noticeable talents.

However, that is only until she gets back home.

At home, her personality or rather her identity, or even her physical stature, does a 180.

She turns into an adorable little chibi and starts playing video games, binging anime, and consuming junk food to an inhumane level. 

When she is at the arcade, the employees start having anxiety issues. 

1- Shiro 

Picture 23

Anime: No Game No Life 

Ah yes, we can’t have an anime gamer waifu list without Shiro!

A mutant prodigy at the young age of 11, her brain is literally a Super Computer. 

Anything that is remotely analytical, no one has even a slightest chance of victory against her. 

This genius of hers becomes even more useful when she and her brother are Isekaied to a new world where everything, be it politics, lawsuits, a country’s fate, anything can be decided by games!

As you can see, when it comes to waifus, you have all kinds: there are those who are fashionable, there are those who are main leads in some supernatural anime, there Tsunderes, there are Yanderes, there are Kuderes, and naturally, there are also some anime girls who are into gaming.

Which means, there is always an anime waifu which is perfect for you!

Just head over to WaifuForLaifu to make a random Waifu and see for yourself, which is the perfect anime waifu for you! 

There you have it folks, this was our list of some anime gamer girls.