Quite a lot of students start thinking about their future university of choice right before graduation. Of course, each student has a list of dream places to study at, however, it may change over time. Plus, it is vital to consider various factors that may influence your choice of school and education in general, such as price, qualifications, opportunities and country.

If you are one of those people who are always eager to explore new countries but who would like to stay on the safe side at the same time, choosing Canada as your study destination is what you should opt for. 


Canada is considered to be one of the best countries for students to pursue their education. The government is quite loyal to qualified workers and international students are allowed to stay in the country for almost a year after graduation for finding a job and getting permanent residency. However, even before graduation there is much to enjoy.

Campus life in Canadian universities and colleges is rather vibrant. Apart from the usual clubs and groups, schools often hold multiple fests, events, competitions and other activities around the year. Sometimes it even feels like there’s no time for studies. But with ca.edubirdie everyone can enjoy all the perks of diverse college life, get a part-time job and pursue their own scientific inspirations instead of writing a hundreds essay in a totally different domain of studies. 

Not that different from the US

Frankly speaking, Canada is probably one of the safest options for a student from the US. English is an official language in Canada alongside French, however, most schools do not require any knowledge of French at all. At the same time, if you’d like to add one more language to your toolkit you have all the chances to learn to speak it as good as natives do in Canada.

Apart from the language situation, almost all US brands are present in Canada as well. So, if a student becomes homesick, they can easily find their favourite snacks in every supermarket or order quick delivery. Similarly, there will be no challenge for an American student to find a wrestling class, an art course or even a part-time job in a donut shop as a lot of such companies function both in Canada and the US.   

Affordable education & living

Despite all the similarities, Canada is quite a beneficial place for pursuing a degree as it is much more affordable than the US. Even considering the tuition fees for international students, they are lower than the ones in the US. Moreover, straight-A students can count on a range of scholarship options that universities in Canada offer for academic and sport achievements. Apart from that, Canadian laws allow students to work part-time both during the school year and on vacation. For example, an IT student can easily find a few well-paid projects and gain not only high wage but also valuable experience in the field.

Cosmopolitan environment with top-ranked universities

According to national statistics, 20% of Canadian population comprises foreigners from around the world and more than 50% of Canadians do not speak English as their native language. As so many people from all walks of life learn to live together in peace, Canadians are known across the world as very welcoming and hospitable people. Besides, Canada is ranked as the 6th peaceful country in the Global Peace Index.

Apart from the cosmopolitan environment, Canada is a popular student destination thanks to a great choice of academic institutions for pursuing a degree. It is worth mentioning that Canada was the first country to provide all schools with the Internet, which happened more than 10 years ago. One can only imagine how techy the campuses are now and how many opportunities each university can offer to a diligent student. Besides, almost every school in Canada focuses on providing their students with rich hands-on experience in the industry, so be prepared for real-life training after your second year of studies.


Overall, Canada is a land of opportunities, where every student can find all they are looking for: from international music festivals and hockey matches to cowboy rodeos and fascinating tourist attractions. If you are considering whether it is worth taking a shot, it definitely is!