elevator shoes for men

We have common elevator shoes and then there’s a special category of guidomaggi.com luxury elevator shoes – they are the top selling elevator shoes. A lot of things can make a shoe top selling. One of them is uniqueness. For instance, we have a category of elevator shoes that is designed for a specific group of people and done so in a limited number of pairs. This means only a few people will have these special shoes since they are expensive and made from python leather, Shell Cordovan leather, crocodile leather and even ostrich leather. We have another category of affordable elevator shoes worn by everybody. Yet the wearers love them so much because they are nicely done and easily available. Below are some of the most popular type of elevator shoes in the market today. 

1. Slip-on elevator shoes

These shoes are selling in high numbers today. They are amazing casual wears with around three inches for height increasing. They are affordable and come in many colors. 

The shoes are lightweight meaning you will not have to walk around with tired ankles. They are stitched to add taste and have a longer shelf life. You have soles in-built meaning you do not have to buy a pair of extra insoles. Still, you will add some height to yourself and walk around confidently.

In addition to comfort, you have special shoes that are stylish and this will help build your confidence even more. The available colors allow the wearer to wear the pants of their choice without crashing the look. Black or blue jeans would blend well with a black pair of these slip-on elevator shoes. Grey or navy blue would go well with white pants

2. Loafers 

Loafers have and will be top selling for the longest time. They are just irresistible. You have different types of loafers to wear including moccasins among other unique designs. Different manufacturers will also make these shoes out of varying materials.

Loafers are best worn by middle aged men who want a mix of style and class. Besides, it is meant for men who love to be creative with their dressing and try out different styles and combinations. Black or brown loafers are the best and safe, but if you find good alternatives you should not hold yourself back from getting a pair or two.

One irony about fashion is that the more you break the rules, the better you may look. For instance, I’ve seen ladies wear loafers and they look just fine. Besides, they wear them with clothes that make them stand out. See, perhaps some people believe loafers are only meant for men. Some ladies wear them and look just fine. That is why they are on our list of top selling because, both men and women buy them and in large numbers.

3. Dress shoes

If you’re keen, you’d have noticed that today we have more fashionable men and women in the workplace than ever before. We are leaving the era where people used to wear anything official and turn up for work looking awful as far as fashion is concerned. Part of this revolution has been the dress shoes. They are one of the most commonly worn shoes in the office place. This makes them one of the most bought shoes. That would translate to a top sell.

Dress shoes are good for formal occasions as well as semi casual events attended by corporate staff. They give a stylish yet formal look to the wearer and make your general look appealing. For that reason, individuals turning up for serious events prefer them.

4. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are also a top seller. They come in different sizes, material, style, cost and look. For that reason, a wearer will most likely find a pair he/she loves dearly. Ladies love shoes and these ones are made for them. They are a good fit for an unpredictable weather. Say it rains in the morning then turns sunny in the afternoon; this would be a good wear.

There are special design ankle boots for men too. With such designs, only those who know what they style well are allowed to wear such shoes. These are those kinds of shoes which require the wearer to know the dos and don’ts of fashion and style. You’d look awful for wearing the ankle boots with the wrong pants of dress.

This kind of elevator shoes sells on a serious note. There are specific designs created by particular manufacturers for a specific group of buyers. For instance, there is a unique pair of ankle shoes for ladies that work like gumboots. But, they are uniquely designed to look more smart-casual that you’d turn up with them for casual events without looking like you’re from a farm.

5. Elevator sneakers

We all love to look good on those days we go out with our friends and family. I mean, it is time to get rid of any pressure that has been piling up on you at the workplace. Elevator sneakers are a good way to look good. Many shoes lovers wear these special elevator shoes and that is why they are on our list of the top selling shoes. They are durable and stylish. Besides, you wear them and you’ll love the comfort they provide.


www.guidomaggi.it elevator shoes are gaining popularity by day. There are those particular types of elevator shoes that sell more than the others. This has to do with people’s preferences and the alternatives available in the market. For instance, loafers can be worn to almost any event. This need increases its demand and for that reason this type of shoe is sold and bought more compared to others. Dress shoes, ankle boots and a few others too are top sellers and continue to look good on buyers.