The reason why you landed here on this article is most probably because you are bony and have tried multiple ways to gain weight and build an attractive and muscular physique. And now you have realized that a mass gainer powder might be your only savior. 

If you are thinking about consuming a mass gainer, you’re on the right track. But, what has got you confused is the choice of mass gainers. While there are many mass gainer powders available in the market, choosing the right one can be a bit of a task. Not every mass gainer supplement that you see on the market is good. Infact, many of those contain harmful ingredients, added preservatives, sugar, etc. These ingredients add to the calories of mass gainers but are harmful to your health.

For the best results, one should choose a good mass gainer. This article presents a list of some of the best mass gainer protein powders that can help you stack up muscle mass and build a muscular physique.

MuscleBlaze High Protein Lean Mass Gainer

This advanced mass gainer by MuscleBlaze is crafted exclusively for athletes and hardcore bodybuilders. It helps in building lean muscles. It has carbs to protein ratio of 2:1 and with each serving, you get 30g protein and 59g carbs to allow your body to ceaselessly perform intense workouts and recover easily. It also helps in reducing post-workout fatigue. It has a higher protein content that allows you to build great muscles. It has a blend of slow and fast-acting proteins which enhances the protein value of this mass gainer powder. It has a blend of whey isolate and concentrates that helps fitness buffs to recover faster after rigorous workouts and the slow-acting protein such as Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate help in reducing the rate of muscle breakdown. This is free from any added sugar and all the calories are derived from the cleanest sources. All these features make it the best mass gainer protein powder.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Serious Mass Gainer

This is the best choice if you are seriously considering weight and mass gain. It fuels you with 1250 calories and 50g protein per serving. The extra calories received from this mass gainer helps in leading a balanced life along with a great metabolic rate. It has no added sugar and delivers over 250g of carbohydrates. It also enriches you with creatine, glutamine, glutamic acid, MCT, and over 25 essential minerals to improve overall health and muscle growth. It also contains vital vitamins to improve your immunity, metabolism, and brain function. It also helps with faster muscle recovery. Since it is non-vegetarian, there might be consumption constraints for vegetarians and vegans. It is available in multiple delectable flavors.

GNC Pro Performance Mass Weight Gainer

This is one of the most efficient mass gainers that has a great blend of nutrients and flavor. GNC mass gain formula helps in boosting healthy mass and weight gain. You get 73g protein, 440g carbs, and 2200 calories in 6 servings of this product. It boosts muscle mass, muscle strength, and also keeps you energized round the clock. This mass gainer powder is rich in BCAAs that help in faster muscle recovery, reduce muscle breakdown, and enhance your immunity. It also helps in improving your digestion. This serves as a great post-workout fuel. It contains digestive enzymes that help in breaking down carbohydrates.

Evlution Nutrition Stacked Protein Gainer

This one is a good protein and mass gainer powder that can help you reach your goal of gaining adequate mass and build a muscular physique. It contains whey isolate, whey protein concentrate, L-glutamine, digestive enzymes, organic agave insulin, and sunflower oil creamer. This is a pure mass gainer that is free from artificial sweeteners, harmful chemicals, and steroids. It is a special formula that delivers great results. It also helps in boosting muscle strength naturally. This delectable mass gainer helps you in packing muscle mass and also boosts muscle recovery. It is gluten-free and free from amino spiking.

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer

This mass gainer powder is a good choice if you want to pack muscle mass and build a muscular and strong physique. It helps in supplying protein and other vital nutrients that promote muscle growth. It fuels you with adequate calories to boost weight gain and build muscle tone and mass. This supplement helps in building a robust immune system and improving your metabolic rate. This mass gain supplement is rich in BCAA and is thus helpful in muscle repair and recovery. It also heals quickly any muscle injuries that can occur during vigorous workout sessions. It can be used as a pre or post-workout drink to improve muscle tone. It also strengthens your muscles. This supplement fuels you with 84g protein and 1930 calories to build muscle volume. This product also contains creatine and other essential nutrients.

Mass gainers give the best results when you consume a nutrient-rich diet and workout regularly. Remember, supplements are just the additional support you need to build a sturdy physique. Don’t solely depend on these to meet your goals. A well-balanced diet along with mass gainers will help you reach your ideal weight and build muscle mass. Choose your supplements wisely and lead an active lifestyle.