Whether you’ve successfully launched your new start-up that presents a host of possibilities, or if you’ve got an established business and you want it to grow further and really begin to scale up. In both cases, we’re hoping that you’ve ironed out the kinks – or are in the process of doing so – and can really show off to people that your service or product is the best in the industry.

You’ve visualized your objectives, growing your business to exactly where you want it to be and creating a platform for your business to keep growing and provide value to more and more people. There’s one thing that every business needs when aiming to get to that point, make more sales, and generate more profit – a larger customer base. Yes, it’s not easy and takes work, both hard work and smart work. Read on and learn the top ten ways to expand your customer base and take your business to the next level!

1. Create a Killer Website

If you haven’t done this by now, you really need to get on it! Your business’ website is what most people visit today before actually visiting your business in-person or contacting you to enquire about how you could help them. Think of your website as your virtual storefront – it needs to be easy to find, draw people in, and must have regular, fresh content, just as a brick and mortar store would. Basically, it’s got to keep people engaged and attract them to become a customer.

Ensure that your product or service is explained to visitors in the best way possible. Visitors will want to know how your product or service can benefit them and make their lives easier and better, for example. Of course, if you’re selling products on an e-commerce online store, your website needs to deliver a smooth, simple user experience that can take visitors from the landing page to checkout as quickly as possible.

2. Is Your Logo Attractive?

Keep your brand fresh! A great business moves with the times, letting customers know that it can adapt and provide them exactly what they want. Often, the logo of your business is the first thing that most people see, and associate with your product or service. Consider the very real possibility that your logo is aging and is in need of freshening up! An eye-catching logo is synonymous with your brand, so opt for great logo design which ensures that customers instantly recognize your business or are intrigued enough to learn more about it.

3. Advertise Online

Traditional advertising methods are useful, but digital is where it’s at. Many digital marketing strategies include pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, which can help significantly to drive traffic to your website and increase your customer base. Great online advertising, in the form of PPC retargeting, remarketing, or email campaigns involve thorough keyword research and analysis of online users’ purchasing habits to target the demographic that you’re looking to attract.

4. Use Social Media

Almost, or just as important as having a website for your business today, is complementing your digital storefront with a social media presence. Use popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to ensure that your target demographic sees exactly what your business can provide! Depending on your business and the service or product you sell, some social media platforms may be more suitable than others. Engage with your audiences by sharing interesting content regularly, and make use of sponsored posts for advertising. Alternatively, you can use social media influencers to promote your product. Look up potential influencers on Nuwber to check out exactly which social media platforms they’re on to ascertain the best way to collaborate with them. This is the best source to find their contact details too.

5. Refresh Your Business Card

Your business card can be a powerful tool if designed well! It’s almost as important as having a fresh logo. If you’ve already redesigned your logo to spruce up your business’ identity, you’re going to want your business card to match! Just as your logo is associated with your business, your business card acts as a first impression – or is often associated with the first impression you made when you handed it to a potential customer. Be sure to clearly display all information relevant to your business on your business card, including your website and social media profiles!

6. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is more of a mindset shift, and can have a great impact on expanding your customer base. Sometimes your business may be stuck in a rut of perspective, so get out of your comfort zone and change up the way you pitch your business. Defy expectations, rail against the norm and be memorable, all while conveying a genuine transfer of trust to prospective customers.

7.     Host an Industry Gathering

You know your stuff, so get involved and showcase your expertise while also offering value to others! Host an industry gathering at a community level. You’ll be surprised at how well you can increase your connections and build the reputation of your business.

8.     Offer Free Trials to New Customers

Part of building trust with people who don’t know you and your business well is to prove to them that your product or service can deliver. A free trial is a brilliant way to market your business as it attracts new customers and offers a first-hand experience of what you do.

9.     Distribute Flyers

It may sound old-school, but it works! Flyers attract a lot of attention, especially if you’re having an upcoming industry event or are running a competition. Level up and include a QR code on the flyer, along with all relevant information.

10. Offer Great Customer Service

Keep good relations with existing customers by offering exceptional customer service and/or support. Keep building on trust and your existing customers will be more likely to rave to others about your business, bringing you more customers.