Some time ago it was reported that the Xbox Series the X would probably have kept the dashboard of the Xbox One at launch, but apparently it is not so. While the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One will be actually the same dashboard on the day of the launch, this will be virtually brand-new.

Microsoft showed the new dashboard of the Xbox Series the X in a recent video, revealing how it will be simplified to allow players to get into their games faster than ever. Microsoft promises that the new dashboard of the Xbox Series the X will be faster than the previous. Thanks to these improvements, however, the dashboard of the Xbox Series X is using according to reports the 40% of memory is less than in the dashboard current, allocating more memory to power the games.

Another improvement coming in the sharing of the clip of the game and screenshots. Now, every time that Xbox users share a clip of the game or screenshots, will be able to go immediately on their phone, allowing them to immediately share the content with their friends. This should simplify a bit the process and prevent the players to stay afk in multiplayer games trying to show off to their friends a beautiful clip.

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The new dashboard will be available for the Xbox Series X at the time of the launch, and at that point will be released for the family of systems, the Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot