Not only Tonal. In the viewfinder ofInter for the midfield emphasizes, today the Corriere dello Sport there is an element of the leg and greater experience, are able to work, but also alongside one another in the median in front of the defense, to give protection to Eriksen. First stop, the first name in heat was one of Ndombele, fresh from a season in the negative at Tottenham, followed by Kantè, the cornerstone of the Chelsea contiano and now much less considered by Lampard.

Expendable – Both midfielders the French have a listing high, exceeding 50 million euros. It means that, to reach them, Inter will have to sell at least one valuable piece, or put on a trade. With Lautaro closer to the stay, the candidates are starting Brozovic and, above all, Skriniar. Conte believes them to be fundamental. Especially the Slovak, who like the Tottenham, has now been overtaken by the eleven holder from Godin.

Kumbulla ok – In defense, however, the vacuum must be filled somehow. And who knows, with the turning point of the uruguayan, now perfectly fell in the defense 3, Count accept willingly the graft Kumbulla, for which he had any doubt considered to be the only twenty years of age. But the Inter with the Verona has taken important steps, and everything leads one to believe that the technician will have to settle.