(ANSA) – ROME, 19 AUG – “I Agree with Rudi with his players”: Francesca Brienza looks like this, with the pride of being called by name and not only as a lady Garcia, on the page that the Team devotes to it in the day of the semi final Champions Olympique Lyon challenge Bayern Munich. “I love to travel, but I told Rudi that in Lisbon I will go if it goes to the final,” said the journalist roman became a companion of the coach during the season in Trigoria (“I used to work for the club and are conscientious, so before I go out with him, I let go of the time and I asked permission to my boss”). Brienza tells of his relationship with the work, the difficulties of being the companion of the coach, the independence, the prejudices about the women who speak and write about football (“it’s all about the understanding of his own limitations and of his own capacity”). And also talks about Garcia. “In Rome he did a fantastic job, laying the foundations of a team whose traces remain even in the team today.” The job of the coach, adds, “eats you up: there is no Saturday and no Sunday, you don’t have time for you, when you win wins all over the world and when you lose you’re just. But I have learned from him is to relativize the victories and defeats. But it will not last the whole life, all over Rudi’s training already so…”. (ANSA).