Between Mimie Mathy and her husband Benoist Gerard this was a real stroke of lightning. 17 years ago, the couple met for the first time during a show of the actress. Simple viewer, Benoist had, by chance, was invited on stage. “I felt immediately that something happened…”, said Mimie Mathy in The secret Box last April. Two years later they came together for life and have never left since.

A love story as we like it who knows, however, and its ups and downs, like any relationship. In the pages of the magazine, the Two of Us, the illustrious Josephine, Guardian Angel has given full transparency to”blast” from time to time with the one who shares his life, “which allows you to reconcile”. Not anything much to mar their happiness, they who are devoted to “total confidence to one another”. And if she says to want to share “the more things are possible” with Benoist, the last of the passions that she still didn’t understand.

I’m not sure that it’s going

“My husband is a fan of cooking, it is now winemaker biodynamically (a form of organic farming to both holistic, regenerative and positive, ED.) It is not my thing, “admits she. And it’s not for lack of wanting to be interested in it : ‘I discover with him the biodynamic, day flowers, day moons, the lunar calendar, but I do not subscribe at all ! For example, if a node is lunar, it does not work in his vineyards. Me, if I say on the shoot that it is a node lunar, I’m not sure that it’s going !”

The fact remains that their differences make them a couple complementary. The confinement in their house in Provence is wonderfully well done, knot the moon, or not. “We spent three very pleasant months. We started by chimney fires and it was completed by a dip in the pool. It was really good.” With Benoist, Mimie Mathy has joined the family she had always dreamed of becoming the mother of the four children of her husband and the grand-mother of her five grandchildren.