As the tandem juventus Cristiano Ronaldo-Kick and as the pair Sterling, Aguero Manchester City, but the better of the duo Messi-Suarez. In the season – emphasizes today the Corriere dello Sport talking about Inter – Baggies and Lautaro were able to put together the beauty of 54 networks, 33 the bomber of the belgian, 21 “Toro” of argentina. Most of them, in Europe, only Lewandowsky and Gnabry, but only because the bomber of the Polish was able to achieve the same loot, alone. His “colleague,” the German added 21 and, behold, reached the fantastic figure of 75. In short, they are inaccessible. However, with the real chance to further increase the record, having a semi-final and, perhaps, also the final of the Champions league. Also the Baggies and Lautaro, however, will have another “token”, that is to say, the challenge with Sevilla next Friday. And, if the first place of this special ranking may not be put into discussion, the second place solo is within reach, given that all the other couples have already ended their season.