In the history of Dungeons & Dragons, the representation of the characters has always been a problem for some players. The ideologies of the base were driven by the thought that whole races were evil or monstrous, with some traits taken from real world facts. One of the other main problems of the representation was the lack of characters for the disabled. Luckily, since the game is made to integrate the creativity and diy creations, the fans are committed to contribute to enhance the representation.

Sara Thompson is an artist who has created a series of the heroes represented on wheelchairs. In essence, the chair is more or less equal to the pitch between the characters able-bodied and disabled, while providing unique features to the player. Unfortunately, Thompson has received a good dose of hate and criticism for the creation of these heroes, with many of the players that you are appigliati to the motivation, according to which in a fantasy setting there is no place for a wheelchair.

The creation focuses on the accessibility of Thompson, however, has received a large amount of positive comments and shares. The team of D&D Beyond has presented the creation of a long video of discussion dedicated to it, for example, while the community as a whole seems to have embraced. In this regard, the artist has created a series of rules and skills available to these heroes who you can find at this link.

The Combat Wheelchair (v2.0) for 5e #dnd
New upgrades, cleaner rules, sleeker design, FAQs, and more – and still completely free! You have access to a book and a dyslexic-friendly font version! #dnd
(audio available soon)
Art: @claudiopozas

— the dislocating GM? combat wheelchair creator (@mustangsart) August 7, 2020

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Source: Kotaku