The columnist and television commentator, Antonio Di Gennaro spoke at the direct to TMW Radio, in the course of the transmission Stage Open, at the microphones of Niccolò Ceccarini. His reflections begin with the release of Liverani on the part of Lecce: “The people were happy because there was a project with the new ds and Injured and that has produced good football, even with a defense that has allowed many goals. Liverani had marched in Genoa, Cagliari… Has some ideas, and if you suggest calcium is important for your career. There were the basics, and looked to sign a three-year normal if you have had second thoughts. Maybe there was something that he has not liked”.

How would Italian to Genoa?
“He proposed the best football of the season in Serie B with Spezia, and it is normal that an emerging artist could aspire to the benches as important as the Genoa, which remains square, of great depth and history.”

The PSG has won the final Victory on the bench…
“Include large samples and talents, in this moment the team it seems to me that. I see Neymar eager and motivated, he moves and always wants the ball. Then Mbappe and Mary that you swap and they fit well, are players that give an idea of football is different. Icardi is a man from the penalty area, while the PSG I can see it compact, also without a centre-forward true. In front there are three players stellar”.

It will be Bayern the other finalist?
“Logic, yes, but if Lyon beat Juventus and Manchester City means that he has something important. With the long stop, we were able to prepare it well: I read that Garcia has done 2 months of preparation and 2 months of ball. However, I think that today Bayern is superior to Juventus and City. According to me also at PSG, even if I see a different team from the last few years, more and more convinced in the Champions league. Bayern, however, he resumed as if they had never stopped…”.

Owned and Dzeko can really make the jump in quality to Juventus?
“Dzeko yes. Apart from the age, is one of the strongest if he has motivation and concentration to the maximum. Dzeko is the Rome, when he wants to play for the rotation of the team. There remains, too: the Baggies at half-time, Haaland at Borussia, Lewandowski to Bayern… that level there are a few. Owned is a good player, but I do not see in a great team, and I’ve always said. For the features it has can be like Benzema at Real”.

Who can replace Bonaventure?
“Bakayoko is not just a replacement Bennacer, but it takes a player to have certain characteristics. And I think for example of De Paul, the player total and complete, ready for a big team.”

Paqueta is a failure?
“I’ve seen him do a tic-tac but the substance little. Milan now is channeled into concepts which gives Pegs: it seems to me that compared to Paqueta one such as De Paul is worth at least two times, for me it could really play in any team, both in italy and abroad”.

This Leipzig recalls his Verona?
“We played well, we were proactive. They were thirty years ago, of course, but to get to the semi-finals means that they have something important. Unfortunately now in Germany are ahead of us.”

A name for the Florentine?
“De Paul”.

However, looking for a director…
“There, however, there are Castrovilli and Amrabat, who can play in two. De Paul has played at the stra-also great in front of the defense. Last year, they could take Bennacer, as well as Tonal, but he had been asked for too much money. I read a digits even today very high, but knowing Marotta, I don’t think will pay out 50 million, simply because can not valerli: must be a progressive path, in 20 years, you’re still pischellino as they say in Florence. Us wants contracts smarter to grow slowly and always keep motivation and desire”.

Locatelli should be good for Fiorentina?
“Underrated, but great. Has made a vintage of amazing… Talking one evening De Zerbi told me that it was better two or three, and I actually have seen growth and peace of mind. In most matches well the long and short game, it would be perfect in that role in the midfield. I can see it well, both for Milan and for the Florentine: if you take them both do bingo”.

Who wins the final of the Europa League?
“I think this is the final track, even though the Man United did a half hour in which Bono has done miracles: they deserved more. Together with the Inter were the best of this last period. Inter, despite having played most of the others comes with a great charge, and now you see the work of the Count. Paradoxically, after the rant post-Atalanta came the quadrature. With those two in front of the defenders of Sevilla will have to overcome. At times, the Europa League is diminished, but this is a final beautiful, perhaps to a level a little higher”.