What is a vlog?

These days’ people are familiar with the idea of blogging and vlogging. Blogging comes with videos and textual content, whereas a vlog is restricted to a personal website or a social media account where the user or the owner regularly uploads short videos. Vlog is the common word for a video blog. Vlogs are mostly uploaded with supporting text, metadata, and images.

Back in 2010, 2011 – video editing software was not available. When vlog came into existence in the year 2012, the first vlog was institutionalized, and after that, it became a trend. Today the total count of vlogs on the internet averages around 2000 every hour. The most prominent supporter of the vlog, YouTube, acts as an enormous database that allows you to surf information via blogs. The intro maker for YouTube using this tool here is the most feasible option to support the curation of videos. While shooting a video, the raw footage is uploaded post-editing. Video edits are a must to make a great vlog. Users look for editing software that can curate videos and share a standard performance. 

The best vlogging software available have been listed below:


Often bloggers have treated this software as their number one performer and supported by several reasons that outcast the others in the market – all necessary features required for vlog editing. For example, watermarks, effects, crop, cut, the addition of subtitles, denoise, deshake, and even lens distortion. These features of the software can be used irrespective of the place, time and position you make a video. You can always curate the raw file into a high performing professional outcome. 

Windows Built-In Movie Maker For Windows 7 And Photos App For Windows 10

Windows operating system supports this video editor bundled with a variety of features to assist its user in the long run. There are several drag and drop functions to edit the raw footage into a classic video and perform operations like trimming, splitting, combining a musical track, curating theme, as well as rotating the content. The functionality is although limited, but for beginners, it’s best to get your hands on easy software so that the rest of the software is well defined when you approach them in the future. 


This software can be operated in Mac iOS, Windows OS. It is a part of the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 series. Youtubers prefer using the software specifically for vlogs about lifestyle, travel, and adventures. The software has terrific functionalities of a broad zoom range, lightning-fast AF performance, and works on touch screen operation in iOS devices. Try capturing a video with the software, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Any situation that comes your way, the software can be used to capture 4K footage, as well as a super slow motion at up to 120 FPS.

VSDC Free Video Editor

What does it feel like to explore a wide range of options for free?

Yeah, that’s right. The VSDC free video editor is a perfect solution for aspiring vloggers. It has been designed with multiple editing tools that are easy and can be used in the long run. All standard images and video file formats can be edited. Videos in 4K and HD resolutions can be edited and directly uploaded to YouTube. This video editor works only on a PC. 

Filmora 9

This editing software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. The basics of editing techniques make the software the first-hand approach as an editing tool for vloggers. The entire platform is engaging and has access to features and functionalities available at a click. You also get to have your library area where you can choose to store video files. It can perform operations like lens correction, auto-enhance, drop shadow, and the transformation to about 300 special effects, 191 mask elements, 158 filters and that’s not it. This software comes with 51 audio samples which help you edit one single video in ways like never before.


This miracle video editing tool supports all forms of video formats such as MKV, ASF, AVI, MP4, and MPEG 2. The operational features include adding subtitles, several filters, and video streaming. This has been a common choice for advanced as well as bloggers who have just entered the market. The software also helps speed up the encoding, processing, and filtering of videos. You can create a video in terms of noise cancellation and deinterlacing. This is an easy to use linear video editor available in free as well as in premium versions. 

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a highly recommended software for advanced bloggers. You will be surprised to learn the fantastic range of features you get to choose and play to curate your videos. From ground level to professional level editing, Final Cut Pro uses metadata for fast editing options and allows you to create, edit, deal with 360-degree equirectangular videos, adjust sound effects, edit multi-camera projects, and most importantly support 5K videos. The software comes with the additional requirement of a highly configured Mac computer. Smaller ram will result in more massive lagging time, especially if you try to edit a 4K or a 5K video.

Cyberlink Power Director 365

This comes with a paid version, however, affordable only at $60 a year. To use the advanced features of the power director, you can easily share files and store them in the cloud, which is an out of the box feature compared to the existing video editors in the market. You will no longer have to carry an external hard drive to access your files wherever you go. Correct and edit your video easily on any action camera. If you are fond of visually dynamic videos, well this is the one-stop-shop for you to have your hands on the 360-degree video adding capabilities and video stabilization option that comes with power directors.

Hope our picks of the best video editing software give you an idea of the perfect one to go for. From novice to professional, all types of video editing software are available. Apart from basic features, this editing software also enables the creation of the video collage. Use InVideo to know more about video collage. What makes the software a part of your work culture today is the setup and the right equipment. Today’s media relies highly on the correct integration rather than a large allocation of budget. As such, instead of going for something that has a high subscription with a standard feature, choose the best one, and create a blog of your choice.