The UseCrypt system, owned by the Israeli American Lazar Vision Fund, was recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. This institution recommends the system as safe for public institutions.

In 2018, army officials representatives in selected EU countries positively assessed the UseCrypt Messenger, praising, among others its unique protection against cyber-attacks. However, the Lazar Vision Fund, specializing in investments in new technologies, became interested in the technology and acquired majority ownership. Now, after numerous tests by Israeli security experts, the application has been included in the group of recommended security products of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

UseCrypt Messenger detects and prevents unauthorized access to the app to keep hackers and malware from accessing any user data. With the rising risk of malicious apps and mass surveillance being introduced, UseCrypt makes sure that chats and voice calls remains confidential. UseCrypt achieves it through patented independent encryption and security control feature” – explains Yuval Rabin, partner in Lazar Vision Fund that took-over UseCrypt technology in early 2019.

According to security experts, public institutions should have multi-level security procedures implemented, not only at the level of computers but also telephones. The transferred personal data, confidential legal and financial information require complete security – cryptographic security – such as UseCrypt, which primarily does not allow the user to make a call or answer it if the phone is hacked. It also makes it impossible to download history from communication.

Different groups of interest, including app developers, cybersecurity researchers and activists such as Ashkan Soltani from Federal Trade Commission or Daniel Gillmor from ACLU raise fundamental questions about the status of our privacy in the context of constantly sharing data about ourselves. “None of the companies so far proposed a product that will put the users’ privacy in the first place” – underlines Yuval Rabin of Lazar Vision Fund.

The Israeli market is extremely demanding when it comes to encryption. ‘’Therefore, the permission to sell UseCrypt in the State of Israel validates the high security of the application” – adds Ishai Abiri, owner of ebusinessDesign, a Distributor of UseCrypt in Israel and a long-term Executive at HP.