OnePlus the North has hit the mark, our preview a week ago and he has taken a keen interest in the world of smartphones in this strange 2020, and in a few days, the base model has recorded the sold out on Amazon. A sign that the mid-range is what counts at the moment and the North has all the cards in rule to be a good solution in terms of quality and price.

In this review we enter more into the details of how it works OnePlus the North, among confirmations, limitations, and some corner still to smooth out.


I fell in love with the design of OnePlus the North , which, in my opinion, remains along with the camera compartment is one of the few in the product. I find that it is taken for granted, very similar to the Realme 6 Pro, products already seen and reviewed in all the sauces. There we waited for an aesthetic geared more towards the Oppo Find X2 Neo, but no, and it’s a great shame, because this is a phone (of the same family of smartphones OnePlus) that has fully convinced in our review (LINK HERE).

True that OnePlus has accustomed us too well with his flagship, always interesting at least in the finishes and in colours. The satin-finish glass OnePlus 7T or OnePlus 8 had much more the character of this Marble Blue tries in vain to give a little sparkle to a design that is just catchy.

Let’s be clear, tastes are tastes, and indeed I’ve read several positive comments on the design from your part. Let me say, however, that OnePlus was wrong on one point: OnePlus the North coast than the other but is not to be made the mistake of communicating it as the OnePlus low cost which actually is not, the company knows it and has done their homework with regard to the marketing, unfortunately, though, the touch feeling suggests just the opposite: it only takes a few seconds to figure out that North is not at the level of the other.

When I speak of touch feeling I am referring to that feeling of quality that may or may not convey a smartphone in the first minute of the handles. Help “a +” the click of buttons, the haptic feedback, the sound of the body, the way in which it fills with fingerprints or stays clean. In the North nothing of all this impressed me, right where her big brother OnePlus 8 Pro was a reference, despite, however, the quality is generally good, assemblages impeccable and the price capable of put everything under a good light.

OnePlus North has no dimensions outside of the norm, especially compared to some of its more aggressive competitors, there is, however, those who hoped (and the rumor went that direction) to review a sort of OnePlus X in version 2020, or if we want a declination in key Android iPhone IF 2020, but no, on the “padellone ” andante”.

Personally I’ve found awkward to use, especially thanks to the relatively light weight that is scoring 184 grams.

  • Size and weight

    • 158,3 x 73,3 x 8,2 mm
    • 184 grams
  • Materials and certification

    • Gorilla Glass 5 rear
    • NON-certificate IP
    • staining Blue Marble and Gray Onyx
  • Display

    • 6,44-inch, 2400 x 1080 pixels (408 ppi), 20:9, refresh rate 90 Hz
  • SoC

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G (octa-core, 7nm)
  • GPU

    • Adreno 620
  • Memory

    • RAM: 8GB/12 GB LPDDR4X
    • Storage: 128/256GB UFS 2.1 non-expandable
  • Sensors

    • fingerprint reader in-display
    • accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
    • light sensor, proximity sensor physical
  • Doors

    • USB 2.0 Type-C
    • Slot dual nano SIM
  • Battery and charging

    • 4115 mAh
    • Warp Charge 30T (5V/6A)
  • Connectivity

    • LTE-A 4×4 MIMO ch 18 (at 1.2 Gbps DL)
    • 5G modem integrated X52 (3,7 Gbps DL)
    • WiFi ac
    • Bluetooth 5.1
    • NFC
    • GPS dual-frequency, Galileo, Glonass, SBAS, A-GPS, NavIC
  • Rear cameras

    • Wide: 48MP (Sony IMX 586), F/1.75, OIS
    • Ultrawide: 8 MP F/2.4, FOV 119°
    • Macro: 2 MP F/2.4
    • Depth 5MP F/2.4
  • Front cameras

    • standard: 32 MP (Sony IMX616) F/2.45 FF
    • wide: 8 MP f/2.45 FOV 105°
  • Video

    • 4K 30/60 fps
    • 1080p 30/60 fps
    • time-lapse

Among the technical features the most interesting of OnePlus the North, there is the display, AMOLED, and 90 Hz, a combination that for 399 Euro list is the throat. A memory I cannot think of any other products with the same quality / price ratio on what is probably the most important component of a modern telephone.

Don’t expect great brightness, colour is perfectly calibrated, and the viewing angles are perfect. It is a good AMOLED display, in line with the price range, comparable to what we find, for example, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite, but with the plus of 90 Hz, and is not a small thing, but here, perhaps, more that the visual quality of it helps to the pleasure of use.

The update frequency can be set to 90 or 60 Hz, there are particular technologies such as those we have seen on OnePlus 8 Pro (see review HERE) for the reproduction of the contents, there is a effect of vivid color in the video, and the calibration can be set to vivid, natural, or choosing a profile color AMOLED display, sRGB or Display P3, finally, it lacks a physical filter for the frequencies of blue light.

There is great balance in this smartphone as it was reasonable to expect having regard to the package the hardware with which it is equipped , and the software slender of OnePlus. The Snapdragon 765G is turn everything with a good flow and in most situations does not regret the top of the range, even if, however, the responsiveness is far from that of the OnePlus 8, especially by opening heavier applications like the navigator, the camera or the browser with many tabs open.

I found some times to perceive a minimum of overheating on the back at the end of long sessions of mixed usage including camera, navigation and social. Having said that, OnePlus the North should not be in a crisis, and the update frequency is high helps a lot in the perception of fluidity, the animations spin via smooth and you have immediately the sensation of a flow of operations without sobbing, and ready to follow the speed of the user.


The 4.115 mAh of autonomy, united with the park Snapdragon 765G allow you to successfully overcome the demanding day, compared to many other smartphones, the consumption of the open air screen is not too large, and this makes OnePlus the North, a smartphone, predictable and accommodating.

With average use you a day and a half with at least 7 hours of screen on. Promoted, also because with the Warp Charge 30T in half an hour to charge to 70%, but it takes really 10 minutes to have useful reserve for the end of the day, if there was need.

As for me, the Oxygen OS, here version 10.5 based on Android 10 with patch July 2020, is one of the best interpretations of Android. It is consistent with the concept of flexibility and simplicity desired by Google, but with a few extra useful, and fun that enhances the experience of using.

We point out the Zen Mode to put mode “paperweight” smartphone for a predetermined time, the mode of reading that will facilitate the use of written texts in the evening, many possibilities of graphical customization, a launcher, light but with just the right amount of functions, the display ambient with the contextual information of the Google Assistant, the quick responses in the landscape mode, the app parallel, the game mode to maximize the performance of the device.

The only lack I noticed is the dimming DC to control the brightness of the display, the feature that allows you to adjust the brightness by acting on the intensity of the current passing the single pixels rather than on the frequency of the same and allows not to tire the view in the evening hours.


OnePlus the North is a smartphone, balanced and reliable, pleasant in daily use, but carries also some of the compromises of a certain importance. In summary, here are some aspects that I consider necessary to report.

  • Takes good and the comfort on call is excellent. The SAR values are 0.90 W/kg on head and 1.27 W/Kg for body. Connectivity, 5G for the moment it is not usable if you use dual SIM, a warning will inform you that the problem will be fixed with future updates.
  • The audio is mono, is the norm for the average range, therefore, nothing alarming, yet could be a value added id. Along with the lack of port audio jack helps to make the multimedia this smartphone is slightly subdued.
  • There is the wireless charging, in part, however, offset by the Warp Charge 30T, with a power supply already supplied in the package (there is also a cover-tpu-transparent). Shame because it would have been a detail from “never settle”.
  • The glorious slider for the quiet, would buy it just for this, a comfort essential
  • The fingerprint reader is pretty fast but not lightning as on his colleagues in the upper range, but I think it’s more a matter of optimization software that a real limit of the hardware
  • The contextual information of Google Assistant in ambient mode are amazing, I finally found a real use for Google Assistant, is not new to OnePlus the North and you can try it on other device OnePlus for a few months.

OnePlus the North, presents you with a good number of cameras and performance between high and low. The sensor main 48MP is the usual Sony IMX 586 that we have already found on many smartphones, I remember very well Honor View20 (review HERE) by the end of 2018, and I had already caught a glimpse of some of the defects which then are maintained over time through smartphones like ASUS Zenfone 6 and OnePlus all the models presented in 2019, even DJI Mavic Air 2 (review) mounts.

Nothing new under the sun, good shooting capability and outdoor, day, night photos not bad thanks to the night mode and have some difficulty too in the intermediate situations, as the pictures indoors. On the whole we, and the optical stabilization on the sensor main is a net value-added. If this is not the point that I would criticize OnePlus since the same OnePlus 8 shares the same hardware.

Disappointment, instead, from the wide-angle 8MP, we could and should do more. Usable only during the day, has little sharpness, chromatic aberrations and blurring at the edges, it is a form that I would expect to find on the low end. Same as above for the camera to macro, from 2MP, poor-quality, fixed focus and dubious utility considering that you would be able to take advantage of the wide-angle lens.

The depth sensor helps in the selfie but, said between us, serves more to make up the numbers that have a real use in the field.

Different speech for the selfie, excellent thanks to the sensor main 32MP and assisted by the second camera 8MP wide-angle lens for selfie of the group. Convenience and quality for, the group optical front, promoted fully.

On the video, finally we have the optical stabilization is not accompanied by an adequate digital support, the quality of the images is good and you won’t get to 4K at 60 fps. There is a stabilization mode digital but automatically moves to use on the sensor wide-angle, which, as already said, it returns pictures not sharp and blurry on the edges. Certainly OnePlus should work to improve the situation in this way is just enough.

OnePlus the North is proposed for 399 Euro list for the variant 8/128GB and $ 499 price for the variant 12/256GB, of the two we recommend without doubt the first, because with 499 Euros are starting to be much more aggressive competitors within the same OnePlus, with OnePlus 8, and 7T, which are roughly the upper on most of the aspects.

Without a doubt we can say that OnePlus the North is the best smartphone released in 2020 under 400 Euro.

It is a perfect product? No, of course not, but the compromises are natural implications of the containment of the price. Sin only for a few “treat to failure” as the stereo audio, the wireless charging or a sub-fund photos really can make a difference.

shim.gif OnePlus Northern Blue Marble 8/128GB


€399 See offer
shim.gif OnePlus Northern Onyx Grey 8/128GB


€399 See offer
shim.gif OnePlus North Marble Blue 12/256GB


€399 See offer
shim.gif OnePlus Northern Onyx Grey 12/256GB


€399 See offer

VOTE: 8.7

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