Apple was the only company to register a growth of sales of smartphones in Q2 2020

The global market of smartphones has decreased by 14% in the second quarter of 2020, with most of the companies who shipped less units than last year.

Unlike the other smartphone manufacturer, Apple was the only company which aims to grow in this quarter, reports Canalys. According to the report, the giant of Cupertino has shipped 45.1 million iPhone globally in the last quarter, which represents a growth of 25% on an annual basis.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has directly affected the smartphone market in 2020, which has undergone an overall decline over the last few months. In the second quarter of 2020 have been mailed 284,7 million smartphones, while in the same period of the last year have been shipped 331.8 million units.

Huawei has surpassed Samsung , with 55.8 million units shipped, becoming the largest supplier of smartphones on a global level. Samsung drops to second place with 53.7 million units, and Apple is in third place with 45.1 million units. Although shipments of Huawei and Samsung have declined by 5% and 30%, those of Apple increased by 25% thanks to the new iPhone IF.

The research of Canalys stresses that it is unusual for Apple to have a significant growth of shipments in the second quarter, as the company typically does not introduce new smartphones during this period:

Apple has defied expectations in the second quarter. Its new iPhone IF it has been fundamental in the quarter, representing approximately 28% of its total volume, while iPhone 11, has remained a best-seller, representing almost 40%.

Yesterday, Apple announced revenues for the third fiscal quarter of 2020 and the company has also confirmed that the iPhone 12 will be launched a few weeks after the usual period due to the constraints of supply.