Puzzle games are some of the most playful around

These days everyone walks around with a mobile device either cradled in the palm of their hand or lodged securely in their pocket or handbag. Phones and tablets now have the power to help run your life, keep you entertained, and inform you about what is happening in the world.

In short, mobile technology is shaping your lives in ways we would never have thought possible at the start of the new millennia.

What is even more extraordinary is that mobile devices and especially the games that can be played on them have the power to sway our state of mind, leaving us frustrated one minute and elated the next.

With this phenomenon in mind, we thought we would match some types of mobile games to the different moods a player may want to experience on demand.


The most obvious mood that people enter the mobile gaming sphere in is playfulness; that undeniable urge that springs eternal in all of us as we go in search of fun and frolics.

Some of the best games for this particular mindset are those that allow players to come along for the ride, while also demanding a certain level of skill, such as puzzle games like Candy Crush or even casino games, for which there are often generous bonuses to set you on your merry way.


Back in the day, video game aficionados were confined to Pacman’s grids or a platformer’s two-dimensional level structures, but now with the proliferation of lifelike 3D graphics, new worlds are being opened up for people to explore every day.

If you are feeling adventurous there is nothing quite like leaping into the hustle and bustle of a city in Grand Theft Auto or combing the haunting landscapes of Japan in Ghost of Tsushima.

For those with even more time on their hands and less accepting of rampant bloodshed, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator allows you to explore the entire planet and its treacherous skies, all in stunning VR.


There are plenty of people who solely log online to compete against others.

There is certainly no shortage of competitive games available, whether you wish to go it alone or battle alongside some teammates.

The obvious examples of this are the wildly popular battle royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG, whose mobile versions have become more popular than their PC compatible originals.


There are heaps of indie mobile game developers who are dedicating themselves to creating games that are not solely based around combat.

These tend to take beautiful creative twists, requiring players to activate the artist or architect in them, which is definitely the case in the truly stunning Monument Valley of Minecraft.

Other great games for creative souls to dive into include Shadowmatic and SimCity.

Minecraft has millions of mobile gamers all over the world creating and building as though their lives depended on it


You would think that being able to control every aspect of your life from your phone would mean a stress-free existence, but unfortunately, things have not quite worked out that way.

Luckily, there are plenty of games that go out of their way to reduce your stress levels, so you can reset and recover before life’s onslaughts start all over again.

Alto’s Odyssey, with its mood lighting and soothing soundtrack, as well as Osmos are two games that perfectly fit the bill.


The best mobile games for banishing dreaded boredom are those that get you up and out of the house, such as Pokémon Go. They allow you to not only get your gaming fix but also some fresh air and a leg stretch at the same time.

Another great game that works along the same lines as Pokémon Go is the new Minecraft Earth, which allows you to build virtual structures out in the real world. You would be surprised how much creativity and mental energy can you awaken within yourself if you just give these games a try.