Apple iPad Air 4, or however you will call the next-generation tablet ultra-light Apple, you may have a display 11″, charging port, USB Type-C and could be presented towards the month of march, according to reports the chinese website MyDrivers. It is not the first time that emerge rumors similar, but a confirmation never hurts. In the past you spoke in reality to debut by the end of the year, but you know that the delays in the launch of the products are one of the many ugly aspects of coronavirus.

The head of the chinese go on to say that, probably, the tablet will mount a some variant of Apple’s A14, the SoC mobile apps that should make his debut on the iPhone this year, and is already so “smooth” really makes the sparks – at least judging by the first benchmarks. Should go out in a Magic Keyboard dedicated, of course, always with the trackpad – even here, it is information that you have already heard in the past. The display Liquid Retina 11″ looks a lot like the one mounted on the iPad Pro; maybe it is time for the family Air to make an evolution from the stylistic point of view, and become more similar to the tablet top of the range? We hope so, but for now there are no certainties

For the moment the USB port-C has remained the prerogative of only the iPad Pro – in addition to that, of course, of the MacBook. On a tablet, less prestigious, like the rest on the iPhone, Apple has preferred to insist with his Lightning. A case-keyboard with trackpad for iPad Air 3 exists, but it is made by Logitech: there is no official solution, like the one for the iPad Pro (which we reviewed a few months ago). If the timing will be right, the iPad Air 4 will be released more or less exactly two years after its predecessor.

Finally, there is a time to speak even briefly of the upcoming iPad Pro. The model 5G, the source says, could arrive in October along with the iPhone 12. Keep in mind that the presentation event of the new Melafonini is scheduled for September, while the announcement of the iPad Pro is expected to happen in October; the actual availability then it will be more or less equal, again because of the delays caused by coronavirus.