These hot days of mid-August, and were made even more warm by the war that broke out between Epic Games, Apple and Google. The boundaries of this clash are not, of course, only those that are visible: but it is true that most probably those of the Epic are expected to create a common front in the most extensive along with other developers. For now, however, they seem still too isolated: Spotify has expressed solidarity and appreciation for the brave choice, it is true, but nothing more. In South Korea, however, the case Fortnite has reignited a hotbed of protest already active in the developer community, that has returned so the charge against Apple.

As reported by The Korea Herald, in fact, a consortium of companies, the Korean war, gathered under the name of Korea’s Startup Forum, has done square and decided to present a petition to the Korean Communications Commission to affirm theiniquity of the regulations related to in-app purchases set by Apple and Google. It is, as mentioned, of a story that is already active: the antitrust Korean had asked Apple Korea to remedy its alleged anti-competitive practices, and the proposal received in return was also accepted. But it is not enough to please the developers, which remain on a war footing.

The president of the consortium, Choi Sung-jin, has expressed a position that is very clear, even more than the line held up until now by Epic Games:

Even if the rate of commission of 30% is itself too high, it is more problematic-the compulsion of a payment system specific to the markets of the app”

And there is good reason to believe that even Epic Games, PC manages its fortunes directly from the Epic Store, hope to open possibilities of autonomy in this sense.

Choi Sung-jin has also added that this iniquity is very much alive on the skin of the minor, since the larger ones may be able to negotiate better terms. And he also underlined that, for as they are today, things, Apple and Google may also decide to increase their win rates on purchases in-app without the need of any consultation. Neither Apple, nor Google, at the time, decided to comment on the situation.

For those who, even on vacation, you were dedicated rightly to the sea and he was lost as has happened in the last days, it is convenient to provide a minimal context, retracing the main events that characterized them.

Epic Games, the software house that has developed the gaming phenomenon most important of the last decade, that is, Fortnite, has planned a legal battle with the giants of the tech to get rid from the commissions that are too high (30%) that are deducted from the proceeds of the in-game purchases. And they did take the plane on the 13th of August, introducing a mode of payment alternative that was in the App Store and Play Store, knowing full well that soon it would be taken the ban on both platforms. Thing that regularly happened at a distance of a few hours.

The tones then are further tightened yesterday, when Apple has launched an ultimatum to Epic Games: the software house has ten days (until August 28, and then to return on his steps, otherwise the Cupertino company cut it completely out of the App Store, and closing all of the developer account and depriving it of development tools for iOS and Mac. A threat that would, in cascade, an enormous impact on the entire App Store, in fact, be affected by the measure would also all the games that use the graphics engine is the property of Epic or the Unreal Engine.

The tension is now very high, and the hands of the clock to run towards the deadline of 28: stay tuned for follow with us the more inevitable developments of a clash that will – in one way or another – and this has important consequences in the field.