While Epic is committed to creating a coalition of anti-Apple following the ban of Fortnite from the App Store (but remember that Google has done the same on his Play Store), many players begin to look around and understand what are the most interesting alternative to the famous battle royale.

Sure, you can still use the current version of the game on iOS and Android – and the Google operating system, you still can proceed to install via APK or Galaxy Store -, however, this situation could worsen in the event that the parties fail to find agreements in a short time. Here, then, we propose you 5 alternatives to Fortnite available on the App Store and Play Store but do not forget to let us know the names of the other titles that you feel are valid: the comments section is waiting for you!


Is at the least curious quote PUBG between the alternatives of Fortnite, since it was the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to give way to the phenomenon of the battle royale on a large scale.

Apart from this detail, the mobile version of PUBG is one of the best battle royale available on the smartphone, although unfortunately it does not support external controllers. The huge amount of active users ensures a continuous supply of players and a rapid start-up of the matches, while are not present mechanical pay to win. We find the classic in app purchases of beauty and battle pass in order to obtain more rewards during the season.

  • PUBG Mobile | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • PUBG Mobile | iOS | Apple App Store, Free

Call of Duty: the Mobile does not need presentations, and today it is one of the best FPS for smartphones and tablets. Activison has done a great job in proposing a formula that is able to offer a gunplay and a technical sector of excellence, which combines a rich selection of maps coming from the main chapters of the series and the continuous replacement of extra game modes, in addition to the classic battle royale. To report support for external controllers, which allows you to enjoy the best gaming experience. Absent also the mechanics and pay to win, even if they remain the classic in app purchases typical of the genre.

  • Call of Duty: Mobile | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • Call of Duty: Mobile | iOS | Apple App Store, Free

Shadowgun War Games is not really a battle royale, but it still offers some interesting features that make it a title mobile very fun and hectic, as we had anticipated in our preview. It is a online FPS team 5v5, in which it is proposed a complex cast of characters with unique abilities, able to change in an important way the gameplay between the one and the other, without presenting excessive balance issues. The game manages to shoot at 120 fps on the terminals and better performing, and offers a technical sector with very well. Madfinger has made a title that does not shine for originality, but it is compelling, it supports the controller and is free of mechanical pay to win.

  • Shadowgun War Games | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • Shadowgun War Games | iOS | Apple App Store, Free

Rules of Survival was one of the first titles to have cloned the formula PUBG to bring it in the mobile world, before it was released PUBG Mobile. Therefore, it is a game that offers an experience very similar to the one proposed by the title distributed by Tencent, with respect to which test to differentiate due to the presence of a mode BR by 120 players and two maps. This allows it to offer a greater variety compared to PUBG, however, also Rules of Survival does not support the external controllers. Obviously there are mechanics and pay to win ruin the game experience, but we find the usual in app purchases aesthetic.

  • Rules of Survival | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • Rules of Survival | iOS | Apple App Store, Free

Finally we point out Garena Free Fire: 3volution, a battle royale that focus on the speed of the games. The game offers a mode that lasts for just 10 minutes and allows 50 players to go in the map for a fight to the last blood. The title is not among the most impressive from the technical point of view and does not support external controllers, so that you can play only using the touch screen of your smartphone or tablet, however the screen controls are very effective. Also in this case, there are so many skins and options to customize your character, and we find even the ability to unlock the new pet that will follow us on the field of battle.

  • Garena Free Fire: 3volution | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • Garena Free Fire: 3volution | iOS | Apple App Store, Free