BlackBerry is preparing to return to the smartphone market, this time through a substantial course change, which brings the brand to move from the old property, TCL, which had now stopped all production activities, to a new reality in Texas, call OnwardMobility.

The license would already be in the hands of the new owners, without letting them wait for too long, have just announced from the page of its official website the release of a new BlackBerry device compatible with networks 5G by 2021. Unfortunately, there are advances all the details on the device, but some idea of what to expect, we can build thanks to the statements of the new leadership.

However, when we talk about the BlackBerry can not return to the mind the convenience of a physical keyboard, combined with the experience of use of a smartphone, and this is precisely what OnwardMobility wants to achieve, according to the editors of The Register.

The smartphone that we’ll see next year, it should in fact be characterized by a design of the keyboard completely new, able to reflect brand values, pointing again toward the business that had given fame and prestige to the golden times.

The CEO of OnwardMobility also stated that the new device will focus a lot on security, its excellent technical specifications, and will have a launch price competitive. Many good intentions, therefore, to be confirmed by the new direction in the course of the next few months. In the meantime, we can only say Welcome back BlackBerry.