Apple is the first company to shares to reach the finish line of the 2,000 billions of dollars in market capitalization, thanks to a doubling of the stock value in the last 21 weeks.

dirigenti Apple

The market capitalization is the value calculated by multiplying the number of shares for their market price, which represents the total value of a company quoted on the stock exchange.

In the last 21 weeks, the title AAPL has doubled its value by tapping today the 470 dollars, in spite of difficult months caused by the health conditions in the world. Investor confidence is soaring when the Apple has shared the financial data of the last fiscal quarter, with results well above expectations, especially with regards to the potential of the services division.

Suffice it to say that in march, in the full pandemic, the shares of AAPL were down to 230$, but since then the title has gained more and more confidence until you reach the 467,77$ today. Translated in terms of market capitalization, Apple is worth 2,000 billion dollars!

Looking to the future, investors are very confident about the possibilities offered by subscription services such as Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, which are gaining more and more users all over the world. Among other things, by the end of the year, the company could propose a bundle (the Apple One) that allow you to activate multiple subscriptions at a discounted price.

Things could change in a few months, especially if sales of the iPhone 12 will not be as expected, but in the meantime, Apple enjoys this nth record.