Fortnite has been removed from the App Store and Play Store after yesterday’s Epic Games had declared war to Apple and Google by introducing a system of payment in-app direct. At this time, therefore, it is not possible to download the game blockbuster (3,000 euros per minute), neither on iOS, nor on Android. Epic Games has responded to the decision taken by the Cupertino and Mountain View , quoting in the judgment of both companies.

The tone of the story is do hard: Apple is accused of being “the biggest monopolist’s technological history”, a “giant who tries to control markets, to block competition and stifle innovation”. Google, however, “has not kept its promises” to be an open ecosystem, falling into the temptation of being a monopolist of the market (remember, Fortnite, has arrived on the Play Store only in April of this year after that in 2018, instead, had manifested the desire not to be distributed through the store of Google).

Epic has activated a function in its app that has not been examined or approved by Apple, and they did it with the deliberate intention of violating the following App Store guidelines on in-app payments that apply to any developer selling digital goods or services.

This extract of the press release published by Apple about the decision to remove Fortnite from the App Store. The same motives are found in the press release of Google, who accused Epic Games of “violating the policy” that govern the approval and publication of applications on the Play Store. A loophole, on Android, there is: the owners of smartphones Samsung can still download the game from the Galaxy Store.

Opens definitely a crisis that already was in the air: Apple and Google are seen as monopolists absolute, holders of the entire market of digital mobile and, therefore, “free” to apply the rules that they believe are (for them) more profitable and profitable. Not only the fees to pay are mandatory and considered to be too high (30%), but also the rules of the market are considered to be false: they are before the eyes of all the cases of Spotify and Kaspersky, who have accused Apple of favoring its app preventing a healthy competition.

By contrast, both Apple and Google respond saying that this rigidity ensures a greater level of safety to the users and, at the same time, allows us to offer the same treatment to all developers.

Fortnite meanwhile, launches the hashtag #FreeFortnite, and publish a video-remake of the historic advertising of the Macintosh dated 1984. Needless to say, the hashtag is already the most popular on Twitter…

Among the “victims” of the lawsuit brought by the Fortnite there is OnePlus, that Epic Games has started a collaboration to pre-install the battle royale on the smartphones of the brand with a game experience optimized. On OP8, and 8 Pro, for example, the frame rate get to 90FPS. Well, Google has asked OnePlus to stop the relationship going, worried that the game can be downloaded and updated via the app Epic Games, bypassing the Play Store.