Data security is an essential aspect of the healthcare industry. The healthcare data is susceptible, and it should not be made available to unauthorized people. The healthcare industry must adhere to HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and protect sensitive data. 

Cloud computing ensures significant benefits for the healthcare industry. Here we have discussed how Sonrai Security helps healthcare data security and paves the way to migration of healthcare systems to the cloud environment. 

Perform Risk Assessment 

Risk assessment plays a vital role in understanding different security threats. It will help if you eliminate identity and access risks in the cloud. According to HIPAA, risk assessment is crucial because it strengthens the weak areas and protects the system from data leaks. 

The HIPAA security rule also says every health organization should conduct an annual risk assessment to fulfill criteria for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program and Merit-based Incentive Payment System.

Sonrai Security can show you what has access and how access is possible. This helps in eliminating risk. The cloud security solution can decode permissions, map trust relationships, and decode identities and roles to have complete clarity on control permissions. The security platform also monitors all activities of the identities as the administrator creates roles and offers data access.

Secure Your Data 

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, and it handles the most sensitive and personal data of individuals. Cloud-based services use different databases to store sensitive data. Hospitals and companies in the healthcare industry need to monitor this database and its service access continuously. 

Sonrai architecture allows companies to develop and deploy flexible and faster applications that enable secure data access while preventing mistaken and unintended data exposure. 

  • Role-based data access

Cloud systems store sensitive data to a centralized location, and a role-based access system secures data. It gives limited access to your employees that is required for their job function. The architecture uncovers any potential paths to data by any container, serverless function, person, or VM. 

The software also reveals if any data access is possible by role switching. Sonrai Security platform highlights data stores with access from 100s of identities, which allows you to reduce data exposure. 

  • Reveals Toxic Combinations 

Sonrai can fix most vulnerabilities in database access. It can reveal toxic combinations that can pass a role to a serverless function to modify that function’s behavior. 

Offers Out of the Box Compliance Frameworks 

Compliance is a major issue, and things become complicated with different frameworks. Sonrai gives the healthcare industry out of the box compliance frameworks that help companies meet different compliance standards. It offers frameworks to support HIPAA, PCI, NIST, CIS, and other compliances crucial in the healthcare industry. 

Offers Better Insights Into User Behavior

Cloud computing is more than a repository of information. It opens the world to the IT administrators and helps them understand how employees and 3rd party service providers use their system. Sonrai architecture gives the administrator complete control over the system. 

The system admin can quickly pull details on any user accessing the system. This level of transparency in the system helps them monitor strange behavior and unknown access. The identity management feature in the Sonrai software can protect your healthcare business from outside intruders and employees. 

Normalize Identity and Access Management on Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS have a very powerful but different IAM tooling. The IAM is an essential element in cloud systems that authorize administrators to take a specific action on specific resources. It also gives administrators complete control and visibility over cloud system resources. 

Sonrai normalized cloud IAM, so that audit, security, and cloud teams don’t have to understand the intricacies of IAM tooling.

Thus, you can see Sonrai helps healthcare companies take maximum advantage of the cloud environment. It also strengthens data security and makes user management and access more secure for the companies.

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