Correct errors on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV it is not always easy and sometimes requires a full restore of the device. AnyFix is one of the quicker alternatives, and immediate to correct the problems, trying not to delete the data of the users with the recovery attempts.

Basically, errors: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iTunes, this software is potentially able to solve more than 330 different errors in just a few clicks. Of course, every problem is different and the devices may behave in ways not always predictable but it is certain, however, that you can take advantage of the extreme speed and versatility of the software to find and correct the errors that plague the devices, in the majority of cases.

For example, among the most common errors that you can fix, we have these:

  • The screen “iPhone is Disabled”
  • Failure to recharge the device
  • The failure of the device
  • Hang on startup on the Apple logo
  • Touch Screen not working
  • Battery discharged very quickly (Battery Drain)
  • Block-mode “”headphones
  • Freeze of the device
  • Boot loop at boot
  • Failure to power off

As we said before, the software may not be completely infallible due to the complexity of the variables involved, but tries to carry out his tasks with the highest success rate. Inside there are three modes capable of correcting the errors of the iPhone.

  • The fix standard, the fix to common problems, while preserving the data on your iOS device.
  • The correction advanced, offering the fix the more complex problems, such as the lock-up but could lead to a loss of data.
  • The definitive correction, finally, back to the factory conditions to the device, and it fixes every software problem.

Are then also corrected, if necessary, some of the errors in the communication of the devices with the computer, if you use iTunes. Can be corrected errors download and installation of updates, errors, backup and restore, synchronization errors, and generic errors. On the Mac, however, you can only correct the synchronization errors.

Was then the functionality that allows us to perform the downgrade and the upgrade of iOS, until the versions are signed by Apple. Useful to be able to install and uninstall the beta versions of iOS for testing.

The software is developed by iMobie, which is certified by Apple and Microsoft, and without malware or other threats. You can try the free version to see if is right for you, before buy the full version. The full version for Mac from $ 49.99 (excluding taxes) for a year, but there are also plans lifetime to buy a one-time, surely an investment more attractive at $ 69.99 (excluding taxes). The costs for Windows are more content and start at $ 39.99 for a year and come to $ 59.99 for the plan to life, always excluding taxes.

Each plan provides a maximum number of supported devices so if you want more information you can visit the official page of AnyFix.

Article in collaboration with iMobie.