During the financial conference Q3 2020, Tim Cook has stressed the great success of the keynote of WWDC, which for the first time in history was broadcast exclusively online.

wwdc 2020 apple

The presentation of the opening of the WWDC 2020 has been seen by 22 million unique users, with the Apple that he had to work not just to organize an event exclusively online.

It’s been a busy week, with many ads exciting. In particular, the first WWDC totally virtual and has not had a hitch, and the developers have shared positive feedback. Some are even asking to use this online format in the future. One of the positive aspects was that many more people have been able to participate, compared to past years, when the sessions were only available to the person.

Tim Cook congratulated the team at Apple for putting together a great event, all-digital, followed by over 22 million people. Apple has also released 72 hours of video content for developers.

And you, have you enjoyed this format?