During the announcement of the financial results of Q3 2020, Tim Cook has confirmed that production of the numerous programs that Apple TV is delayed due to the coronavirus.

Apple TV+

Cook said that the company is moving to try to start as soon as the works, but gthem shows that are filmed in the Los Angeles area are particularly delayed because of the bird flu cases are still very high. For example, The Morning Show, has shot most of his first season in Los Angeles.

In addition to confirming these delays, Cook wanted to place special emphasis on the recent awards received from Apple TV+, referring to the well 95 nominations obtained with 25 victories.

On Wednesday, it was also announced that the Apple TV received 18 nominations at the Primetime Emmy Award for six shows, establishing a new streaming service in its first year of activity. The nominations are for The Morning Show, the Beastie Boys Story, In defense of Jacob, Central Park, Houses avant-garde and The mother of the elephants. He also mentioned the recent success of the Greyhound with Tom Hanks, a film that debuted exclusively on Apple TV+ in the month of July.

Apple has never announced the number of subscribers to the service, but Tim Cook said during the keynote of WWDC 2020 that Apple TV+ was on a total of 1 billion screens and devices.